Denny's is like the zoo; It's fun to watch but not fun to be in.

Aw, don't forget the drunks! They need love too!

Just The Facts

  1. Denny's is a *cough* resturant.
  2. Denny's is an international hub for transients and Hillbillies.
  3. If you find yourself at a Denny's, you know you've hit rock bottom.

Denny's: A critical diagnosis.

Denny's is like a shipyard: Smelly.

There are alot of different people that go to Denny's, or should I say end up at Denny's/

Type 1: The Stoner. This guy starts his day by getting up at 2, roasting a bone or two, then stakeboarding down the street, following the scent of eggs and bacon from down the street. He rolls into Denny's at 4, and Stays in the same booth not paying for the same side of hash browns (He thought they were hash) until he gets kicked out the next morning by the manager.

Type 2: The Oldie. This woman is around 70, and she's lost all instincts but to listen to Bill O'rielly, and then sidle into the same Denny's as last week, thinking it's a different one. She usually orders some coffee and sticks with that.

Type 3: The Strong-Man. This guy comes with friends, and orders one of everything on the menu. They clear out most of the month's supply on their way to the construction site.

Type 4: The Others. These people either have just witnessed serious supernatural events, and need something familliar, or they have drinking problems.

Somehow though, Denny's manages to rake in enough money to keep in business, further proving that humanity loves greasefirse more than sanity.