Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron: God's Moral Lapse or Science's Biggest Mistake?

Maybe both?

Just The Facts

  1. Kirk Cameron was on a shitty sit-com for awhile.
  2. He became a Christian while on the set of aforemention shit-com.
  3. He then proceeded to scare the fucking fuck out of everyone. Everywhere. All the time.

Candid Cameron...

Kirk Cameron is the cancer to Christianity's proverbial colon. While it's understandable and sometimes admirable to share your religious enthusiasm with others, Cameron goes from zero to crazy in 6.66 seconds. Perhaps the worst aspect of all is that there is no person in the universe as embarrassed by it as him. He just doesn't know it yet. There's no preperation, dignity, tact, factual basis or even rehearsal with this guy. He's just another Jesus freak providing us with his garden-variety version of creationism.

Mind you, Cracked isn't here to convince you that you shouldn't be religious, or an atheist for that matter. But in the same way that shouting numbers at people doesn't make you a mathematician, quoting scripture doesn't make you a prophet... Or a scholar for that matter. People like Cameron ruin it for the rest of the genuinely pious folks. You know, the Mary and the Joseph who sincerely want to save people's souls. Usually, they can't be found at any given time comparing Darwin to Hitler by slipping extremely biased timeline pamphlets into "Origin of the Species" copies. And while nobody in their right mind would dare say that you cannot share your religion --

Oh... Wait...

The main problem with Cameron is the same as a redneck shouting MLK Jr quotes from a moving pickup truck: He's uneducated on the matter and he has no business doing that in such an inappropriate venue. Cameron doesn't anticipate the proper timing and location for these discussions. He literally used to go around the set of whatever godawful thing he was starring in, editing the script and playing moral enforcer. Any time cast members did something which God would have wept about, you bet Cameron was the first to let them know (because apparently God was busy that day). There are some reasonable and quite sound arguments out there in favor of creation. You'd never know it with folks like Cameron around to fuck it up for everyone. Like hey, let's just assume that the existence of the banana proves God is real. No really, fuck it, let's try: