Cadbury Easter Eggs

One year's worth of sugar-overload goodness compacted into an egg-shaped chocolate candy.

The Origins of the Cadbury Egg

No one exactly knows when they appeared or where they came from. It's highly suspected that the Easter Bunny one day had an orgy with a chocolate bunny and a bag of melted sugar, and that the result, the Cadbury Egg, popped out and floated onto the grass as a soft light glowed majestically upon it. What matters now, however, is that many more have appeared every year for many years during the Easter season for the sole purpose of being consumed by human beings and having sugary goodness pulse through their veins for months on end. Several other flavors have been given birth to, including caramel and orange. Mini eggs have even arisen and bounced into the spotlight. No word on whether the Easter Bunny decided to expand its orgy to include caramel candies, oranges, and midget rabbits.

The Ways to Eat It

-Lick it.

Eat the top, lick the insides.

-Nibble and bite it.

Munch on it all at once.

-Stick your fingers in it, and dig out its insides.

Lick its creaminess off your fingers.

Oh yeah, it's dirty, but oh-so-good.