The Far Side

Created by Larson, The Far Side is a single panel comic that ran from 1980-1995, though can now be found in every office building around the world, on cork boards and memos alike.

Just The Facts

  1. The Far Side was created and drawn by Gary Larson.
  2. It ran from 1980 until about 1995.

The Far Side

Gary Larson's The Far Side has become a world wide phenomenon. Single Panel cartoons that depict simple jokes and quirks, all of which are original and often times reffering to historic events and children's stories. They are often times silly and/or funny, while other times research must be done in order to fully understand them.

This, is not one that needs research...You're welcome.

Gary Larson started the Far Side in a way that most people wouln't have suspected. Originally, he worked in a Music store. He one day got bored working there, and decided to just pick up a pencil and, well, draw. He sold the six panels of comics he made that day to a local magazine. He later made more that he sold to the Seattle Times, until finally getting syndicated through the San Fransisco Chronicle.

Since then, His comics have become known throughotu the world, finding their way into newpapers, greeting cards, calenders, office buildings, desktops, teacher handouts, and so much more.

Farmers...this is what they fear most.

The Jane Goodall Incident

What you about to read is a bit of the actual Foreword done by Jane Goodall in The Far Side Gallery 5.

"In 1988 Gary Larson went on a Safari to Africa and one of the places he visted was the Gombe National Park in Tanzania, home of the chimpanzees made famous by the National Geographic magazines and documentaries. As we sat around the fire the first evening, , Gary told me he had been quite apprehensive about our meeting-because of the Jane Goodall Tramp cartoon. That story was already told-from his side- by Gary. But nobody has told my side. I was in Tanzania when the infamous cartoon first appeared. So I knew nothing about the minicommotion that went on at the time until I went to America on a lecture tour. When I got the Jane Goodall Institute, my then Exectutive director thrust the cartoon at me. "Just look at that, will you!" she announced, in icy tones. I thought the folded paper nust contain some bad news so I opened it apprehensively. When I saw it I remember making some kind of explosive mirthful sound-I like to think it was a guffaw, because that is such a wonderful word, a real Far Side sort of word. And I said something like: "Wow! Fantastic! Real fame at last! Fancy being in a Gary Larson Cartoon!" I could hardly believe it when my then executive director told me she had found it so offensive that she had asked a lawyer to write a letter of complaint! It implied, she said, that I had sexual relations with the chimps!!"

Me love you long time.

She later goes on to tell about how she had wanted to apologize to Larson for the issue, but eventually was to busy and forgot. That is, until the next year, when they recieved an urgent call fro mthe National Gepgraphic Society. They had wanted to print the cartoon in the centennil volume, but Larson's people refused under the fear that they would be sued. The whole matter was eventually sorted out (After calls between Larson's lawyer, Geographic, The Jane Goodaal Institute and Jane herself) that the cartoon could be printed.

Public Opinion

Overall, the Far Side is a series of comics that have impacted society in little ways, as well as major. From simple humor within your office, escalating up to the Jane Goodall incident. They bring a smile to faces across the world, and have made a simple music store worker into a world wide sensation.

And...occasionally, they bring about questions of reality

In my personal opinion, Gary Larson is one of the greatest cartoonists of all time, and I hold him high as one of my many inspirations in the comic and cartooning world. No matter what you might think of Gary's cartoons, we've all had a simple chuckle of sorts at at least one of his "Reality questioning" comics.

Fly Away, Stanley! Be Free!