Beck Hanson (or is it Campbell?) is a critically acclaimed indie rock chameleon who wears hats. Lots and lots of hats. Sure, he writes good songs and everything, but what it all really comes down to is that this boy can bring the funk. Hard.

Watch out Beck! Rick Moranis is right behind you! With... a giant dick in his hand?

Just The Facts

  1. He brings the fuckin' funk. And that's a fact.
  2. Beck is a scientologist from birth. And what a painful, natural birth it was...


Beck is an indie rock chameleon. He started out as an indie rock Eminem, rapping his way into our hearts with the novelty hit "Loser" (I mean, what's more novel than assisted suicide?) and was branded a hero to slackers everyone. Watch the "Loser" video for proof. Just by watching it, you could gather that Beck is a.) high as fuck or b.) retarded. Both of which are appealing to the young folk, however, and a career was born.

His next album, Odelay kept the crazy train rolling, landing him Grammy nods, and more acclaim. This would be considered the "sell out period" of Beck's career. Nice job being widely liked, asshole.

After getting his heartbroken, as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and every friend you've ever had get who got there ass dumped (not you of course; you're a hard ass) shows us, Beck became a complete pussy, giving the masses "Sea Change", a collection of "life sucks songs." Which of course it does, but what happened to the funk? Now, to be fair, "Sea Change" is arguably his most solid set of songs, but you just can't dance to them. In an effort to bring the funk back, Beck made The Flaming Lips his bitches, as they were his backing band for this tour. Indie boys swooned.

Beck's most recent effort, "Modern Guilt" finds our man pairing himself with Danger Mouse. This of course means that the funk was returned to all it's glory via Danger's crazy ass techno beats. Which is good, because I was tired of dancing to Spoon.