Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth is better known as the band that does the opening track to every family comedy ever made. You might find yourself humming their catchy tunes immediately before suicide upon realizing what horror you've committed.

Skill completely optional.

It's completely impossible to think of this movie without atleast starting a Smash Mouth song.

Just The Facts

  1. Smash Mouth wasn't formed, it was created in a lab that studied pop rock's effect on children.
  2. "All Star" continues to be the theme song of the Biggest Douche In The Universe competition.
  3. Smash Mouth only has three fans, and they're all soccer moms who accidently heard them on the radio.

The Children!

If you're under the age of twenty, you may remember Smash Mouth fondly as being literally the only band you even knew existed besides whatever your mom listened to while she drank her happy juice in the kitchen. However, if you're over the age of ten (as you damn well should be to be on this filthy internet) you now find yourself in a world where you haven't heard of them since this article was written. What gives?! Four out of five dentsists agree that this is due to Smash Mouth sucking donkey dick (sucking donkey dick is inversely frowned upon by all four of those dentists. The fifth was unavailible for comment.) In reality, Smash Mouth only exists as a band to write songs that crappy movies can open up to, usually in a scene where the main character is getting ready in the morning (this was most famous in Shrek, and by God am I not going to go look this shit up, but just keep an eye out next time you and your grandma inevitably sit down for family movie hour after Uno.) Children love it because they accosiate it with their favorite shit movies, and can get the lyrics wrong when attempting to sing it out loud.

Musical Stylings

So what exactly is Smash Mouth anyway? Most would agree they're a terrible pop rock band, but what makes them different then say, Nickelback or Three Doors Down or literally anything on the radio? That, my friends, is the addition of something they learned from the Slipknot Book of Useless Instruments, fucking cowbells and trashcans. Smash Mouth wasn't content to just play shit drums like any other shit band, they made it their mission to avoid drum playing all together and add bells and whistles to a drum set they most likely stole from a small child's playroom. (Citation Needed)

Where Are They Now?

Well, although they haven't made an album since 2006, most can argue that nobody gives a fuck. (Citation Needed)