The Oak Ridge Boys

The eighties country-pop scene just wouldn't have been the same with out these harmonizing hillbillies.

Yo, holmes. We are not whack.

Just The Facts

  1. The Oak Ridge boys have been in exsistance since 1943, bringing in new members as old ones got bored and/or died. Making them a hairy, old, caucasian Meneudo
  2. There have been no less than 47 members.
  3. Almost no one (including me) cares about the above 2 facts.

American Made

If you are able to recall any Oak Ridge Boys song, it's probably off of their 1983 album "American Made". In fact, it's probably "Elvira".

If not, it's probably "Bobbie Sue" and you've probably heard too much "Oak Ridge Boys" for your own good. Either that or you just like 80's pop saxaphone, either way...