Pj Harvey

PJ Harvey (referred to as "Peej" by creepy fanboys) is a British singer-songwriter known for her powerful singing voice, eccentric personality, a range of styles throughout her career, and confusing lyrics.

No one minds when PJ Harvey doesn't wear clothes.

Just The Facts

  1. Harvey's often deep singing voice contrasts her slender figure and 5' 4" stature. The effect is not unlike watching a small animal do a Redd Foxx impression, and both are equally frightening.
  2. According to an interview with recording engineer Steve Albini, Harvey ate nothing but potatoes during Rid of Me's recording sessions. But you probably already read that on Wikipedia, didn't you?
  3. She has received many pretentious awards and acknowledgements for her music, which she thankfully ignores.
  4. Briefly dated Nick Cave. On dates, they most likely sat in empty parks looking angsty and never making eye contact.

Partial Discography

Dry (1992)
Harvey's debut. Kurt Cobain put it on his list of albums he thought were awesome. Courtney Love later published this list so people could see how hip his taste in music was (this was before MySpace and Facebook existed).

Rid of Me (1993)
This album was engineered by the highly influential Steve Albini, who also recorded albums for The Pixies, The Jesus Lizard, and The Breeders. The media thought this was really crazy for some reason. The album received many favorable reviews. Creepy fanboys would soon follow.

To Bring You My Love (1995)
Recorded with Flood (trust me, it's a better pseudonym than "The Edge"), this album features "Down by the Water," possibly Harvey's most well-known single. It garnered rave reviews and had a sold-out tour. During this time, she wrote a song for the Batman Forever Soundtrack. This is also about the time she started wearing heavy elaborate makeup and weird costumes, leading some to believe she would be playing the Joker in the aformentioned movie.

Is This Desire? (1998)
For this album, PJ Harvey decided to branch out musically, by incorporating electronica and complex tempos. Harvey cites it as her most difficult album, and the one she's most proud of. Not very many people bought it. It is, however, a great album to cut yourself to.

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea (2000)
Harvey describes this album as a collection of pop songs, and doesn't consider it her best work. It received rave reviews, awards, and probably a new generation of fanboys as well. Mojo, Pitchfork, and other elitist music magazines explained their boners for it in great detail. This also was when she stopped wearing weird makeup and crazy clothes, but often performed wearing only a skirt, bra, and making clear that she didn't have an eating disorder. Mainstream media were forced to shift focus from her personal life to her actual music and talent. Shoddy journalists everywhere mourned.

Uh Huh Her
Despite not being Harvey's best album, it garnered many good reviews, which PJ Harvey mostly ignored. Don't question it, it's just how she works. Good reviews, bad reviews, she doesn't care. She doesn't care about this, either.

White Chalk
This album was very different from her previous work, featuring only one song with guitar, ironically called "The Piano." The rest is on piano, which she taught herself how to play (rudementally). It garnered positive reviews, as usual. Indie music magazines exlplained their boners once more.

Did I mention she gets lots of good reviews?

Did I mention she likes Kate Bush?
PJ Harvey during White Chalk...

Wait a second, this seems really familiar...



Let England Shake (2011)
Harvey's latest album is about the history and politics of England, particularly its relationship with war. The album has been getting great reviews, including praise from protest rocker Patti Smith, who about 20 years earlier, Harvey denied ever being influenced by after comparisons were made. So that's weird. But anyway, it's really great. Like White Chalk, there are almost no guitars, but lots of auto harp and vocal alterations. An early version of the title track single was performed on the Andrew Marr in front of then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. He either resigned shortly before this or after it. I'm going to assume it was after, because that's the power PJ's music has, but I'm not going to fact-check, because I'm an American. Maybe if you don't like that, you can make an album called "Let America Shake," which already sounds terrible, like most things with "America" in the title. It kind of sucks that most things with "England" or "London" in the title sound awesome, but "America" always sounds like a red state waste of space.

ANYWAY, the album is great. Think Bat for Lashes or Cocteau Twins, but with more lyrics about death and getting fucked over by the UN. Get it on 180gram vinyl, and be a complete douchebag (that's what I did).

Creepy Stalkers and Fanboys

Stalking PJ Harvey is difficult. She lives in a secluded place where everyone knows eachother, and she doesn't go out much. Not that I would know anything about that.

Nonetheless, Harvey has her share of creeps.

A disturbing example of Harvey's fanboys.

Many fanboys talk about brief run-ins with her, many of which are most likely fabricated. Some claim to know her, like this guy. For more stuff like this, just type "pj harvey forums" or "pj harvey fanpage" into Google.

Ways to identify creepy fanboys

  • Insists on calling her by her real name, "Polly," or "Polly Jean."
  • Calls her "Peej."
  • Spent $15 on a bootleg.
  • Makes or trades bootlegs, even though BitTorrent exists.
  • Buys bootleg vinyl of b-sides (yes, it exists, don't ask me how I know)
  • Spent 7 fucking dollars on a poster of her that hangs near his bed.
  • Also likes Kate Bush.
  • Is male and likes PJ Harvey.
  • Name is Brian Molko

Privacy Violation!!!

PJ Harvey is friends with Elvis Costello, Captain Beefheart, Bjork and Tori Amos. Harvey posed with the latter two on the cover of Q magazine, in which the three were interviewed. This is when you realize PJ Harvey isn't really that weird, she just surrounds herself with insane people--like Vincent Gallo. He's the most ironic hipster in the world. He's a republican.

Still, it is true that insanity and genius are best friends. Gallo doesn't count, though. He's just insane.

Side by side, it kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?
"We all have three holes. That's what we have in common." - Tori Amos
[One of my favorite quotes, hands down.]

Outside of her stage persona(s), she lives in Dorset, where she grew up. She says she is shy and doesn't go out much. She's probably a lovely person, and not crazy at all, which makes me feel very guilty.

According to The Sun, she brings her own tea to coffee shops.

Despite what all will say, her songs are not autobiographical. If they were, she would probably be in jail.

Most things on the internet about her are false or based on speculation. You can thank journalists and fanboys for this. Also, this page you are currently looking at.