Rupert Murdoch

The head of a multinational media empire that takes "telling morons what to think" to a whole new level. And likely to sue our asses off for this.&&(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Trident') != -1||naviga

The face of evil

Just The Facts

  1. His first name is actually Keith. Rupert sounds much less dangerous.
  2. He runs News International - the owner of Fox News
  3. He is a firm believer or the creed "the owner sets the tone, not the editor"

Biographical Shit

Born 1931 in the hellhole known as Australia, he parleyed the ownership of a single Adelaide newspaper into a world spanning media empire.

Married three times, with his current wife under half his age, and has 6 children. 3 of his children have been heavily involved in running the family empire, although Lachan Murdoch is under a cloud recently, having taken the fall for a scandal involving the New York Post. The two youngest - aged 9 and 7 - are currently acting as the editorial review board of The Sun.

The Empire