Type in random letters on Google Images. Find a pic, copy, paste, add a caption. It's astounding.

fghfghfgh ---- It's cute

Ifghfgh ---- t's scary...

Just The Facts

  1. Google random letters (Like fghfghfgh)
  2. Go to google images....
  3. And.....

Example 1: frefer --- Find a Pic, Add a Caption

That's a huge..... Moving on

In case you didn't catch on I typed in random letters and went to google images. Browse and eventually.... you find gold. Add a caption like the one above and viola!

Mexican Candy ads... Preferably

He ate the Mexican candy.

Example 2: Type in cewr ----


This is gonna give kids nightmares...

Jesus, now I can't sleep. Ever.

Example 3: ged

Grilled Lamb? (Budum Tss)

For some reason, I think he has no groupies

If Freud is correct, than you probably think it looks like something else...

Example 4: oppol

Soap Operas. They can happen to you.

Class of James Cameron High '87

Take that, Craptions!

Example 5: Kuhkuh

Sexual Positions brought to you by Sesame Street!

Edward Norton in Action

Not Pictured: Tongue Coming Out the Ass

Other Results:

Type in Flafla (Also notice it says two man sound, with three people on it)

type Hjkhjk (I'm sorry America, you still don't have talent.)

Type jkljkljkl (Congratulations Mrs. Johnson, It's a comedian from the 1960s!)

Note to self: Never type rtyrty ever again.

nhy u: It's an insult, I guess.

u yhn: Clown Sex

okokok: Insert caption here