Doing things half-assed takes less effort then most people realize. Half-Assery is an art form of doing things half-assed. This topic included.

Pisa got its name in 600 BC from a Greek word meaning

This cartoon sucks, but we used it anyway cause it fits the topic. You're welcome.

Just The Facts

  1. It takes little to very little effort to be half-assed.
  2. Cutting corners is required to be fully half-assed.
  3. Don't take the word half-assed literally. It'll blow your mind.
  4. Don't confuse half-assed with half-fast when conversating. You'll look more dumbly.
  5. No effort was wasted or even used in this topic.

Origin of Half-Assery

We don't give half-a-shit about the band above and their friends.

Before we can get to half-assery, we must first pass half-assed. What is half-assed? What exactly does it mean? A person with a genetic buttorial defect? Half-a-mule and half-a-horse? A word used to describe someone who lost half their ass in a tragic tricycling incident? Not quite, it's seems to be English slang. The definition can be found below (courtesy of Top Contributer to Yahoo! Answers, CharlesM).

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    What does half-assed mean? Any examples would help. Also where did the word half-assed come from?

    I Googled it and I didn't find crap on the first page. I need an answer that is easily cut and pasted. I'm using it to help me write something for the internet. Thanks! :)

    BTW-I have seven days to get this done
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    The term "half-***" evolved from "half-adz." An adz is an axelike tool with a curved blade used for shaping wood. If you were wealthy and paid top-dollar for a new fireplace, the mantle would be shaped using an adz in the front as well as the back side, which isn't visible. However, if you weren't wealthy and wanted to save money, you could have only the front visible portion of the mantle shaped, this cheaper job being a "half-adz" job. Basically it means didn't try very hard.
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    I needed an example, but whatever good enough.

    BTW-Sweet mullet!
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From half-assed to half-assery.

LOL! Get it! A mule is both half-donkey and half-horse. Therefore riding it would be half-ASSed! ROFL!

Now that we got that half-assed garbage out of the way. Let's explore half-assery. To save time, cut costs, and minimize effort, we Googled half-assery. All we got were some losers' boring blogs. We could post it, but it would be pointless because the word is buried deep in someone's aimless ramblings of lonely souls. Whatever.

Butterfly tattoo above the ass

(Ass half out) Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

Cue up Urban Dictionary, the trusted source of American slang. Here we go....half-assery.... Yahtzee! Now we're cooking with propane!

half-assery 6 thumbs up love it hate it
The act of viewing someone else's half-assmanship and finding oneself so moved to comment upon the splendidness of the half-assmanship that one must utter an exclamation.
Employee: Holy shit! Would you look at that half-assery! That's dedication!

Uganda2 is our hero of the day. He probably teaches English at Oxford. That would definitely make him a reputable source.


Ok, we should probably put some examples here. Except our seven days are about up. We've wasted a lot of time sleeping, drinking beer, cruising the internets, and playing donkey kong. Soooooo maybe another day. We gotta quick find some links here. Help anyone? If not, all that hard work we didn't really do will be for naught.


Got it.


5 weeeks later.....

Alright we're back to dish some more slop like your local lunch lady. It is by no means a comprehensive list. It might get updated in the future between naps.
Here's some fine half-assery.


Bud Light tastes like dog piss. Budweiser wasn't concerned with taste when they first developed it, they just wanted to make a watered down light beer. Using a dog instead of an actor to sell, is half-assed. Why pay a human actor when you can use a dog and pay him in Kibbles and Bits.


Crappy Furry Tatto

Furry tatoo

This tattoo is just a butt hair above suck ass. The tattoo "artist" who did this just muttered "fuck it, this sucks." Then he just got up and walked out, never to return.

Grrr... Only a 5 year old could do better.....

The pictures above are balls out full-assery. We just wanted to show you the amazing things that can happen with effort and skill. It's an illusion with three women in body paint.

Motorcycle half-assery.

Marked Men

Check out these burglars masks. Made out of permanent marker. Read about it in the link below.