Strangers With Candy

The show/movie are both about Jerri Blank, a 46 year old drug addict who returns to her life as a High school freshman in order to start again. As Michael Swaim should have taught you, a parody of a parody = not funny. Do you really expect a joke?

Just The Facts

  1. Lasted only three seasons which makes fans want to punch somebody in the jaw. The loss of SWC was less than Arrested Development but more than Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.
  2. Without a doubt, you can watch the transformation of Stephen Colbert to...Stephen Colbert.
  3. Was more brilliant than you fuckers realized!
  4. Had guest appearances, in the show, like Paul Rudd, Winona Ryder, Janeane Garofalo and Andy Richter.
  5. Some names appear in the movie, like, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bilbo Baggins and that kid from "Running with Scissors". Or "Jack Frost". (Chances are if you saw one, you didn't see the other.)

Like Selling Candy to a Diabetic

Now, I could sit here and try to explain to you sonsofbitches....sorry, sorry. Sometimes when I talk about this, I get a little angsty. But, anyway, I could try and explain to you Strangers with Candy but, instead, I'll let this monotoned, internet announcer do all the work.

Now, before you ask, I'm not quite sure who Dan Fogelson is but I'm pretty sure he's Dan Fogelberg who uses a different name to perform his true love: talking about movies in the least exciting way possible. The name change, obviously, was to not draw attention to himself.

Can't you feel the comedy? That guy can barely contain himself.

Now, that may have been for the movie but I think you get a nice drift of the show - actually, since it's a prequel, you pretty much get all the show. My favorite part of that is the sound that reminds me somewhat of Dan attempting to get into place at the beginning. As if he suddenly said, "Oh, shit! The microphone is on!"

Regardless, Strangers with Candy was complete satire. It was a parody of all those afterschool specials we love so much that somehow got shoved to the back of the shelf with all the other toilet humor shows. And, for that, I shall forever be scarred. I'm a firm believer that the failure of the show came mainly from the fact that they just couldn't convince the audience who would like the show, to actually watch it. It wasn't marketed properly and that caused the smart people to turn their noses in disgust and the stupid people to remain scratching their heads in confusion.

Also, it was on Comedy Central. I mean, honestly. With the exception of South Park, what else has there been?

What The Smart People Said

Strangers with Candy was full of great satire and almost brilliant word-play. Certainly a bonus for all you English-Literature folks, like myself, out there. Unfortunately, every commerical consisted mainly of Jerri (Amy Sedaris) making jokes about yeast infections and "stinky pinkys", as I recall. Those aren't things that make me want to race home to my TV and I already fucking love the show.

Also, granted, the description of the show may have turned a few people off, too. But, hey, what's the old saying? Never judge a book by it's cover unless that cover has a picture of Matthew Mcconaughey then BURN IT! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BURN IT!

This is the last thing Oedipus saw before he stabbed out his eyes with a pin.
That and his mother naked.

Anyway, I just have this feeling that every person who would understand the wit of Strangers with Candy found themselves saying:

"What the fuck is this shit? Is this what's happened to our Country? Where even the most ridiculous show could get made as long as it has a few poop jokes in it? Are you fucking kidding me? You know, what? Fuck this. I'm ending it, man. Ending it all."

And suicide rates soared.

What The Stupid People Said

So, while those stuck up fuckheads began tying their own nooses, all the people with no other function than to make snorting sounds at, all sat down to watch Strangers With Candy - lured there by the promise of a fart noise.

By the time it was over, granted, they had a few laughs but they were confused as to why 87% (Took us six days to come up with that number) of the episode...wasn't funny. At least, not to them, anyway.

I'd assume most of them were left with one phrase floating aimlessly around their heads:

"I don't get it."

Who Dunnit?

Obviously, I've made it pretty clear it was the marketing department I blame mostly for the horrible use of quotes from this show.

But, mainly, I blame you bastards. I blame you for letting a good show slip right away right under your noses. There are so few things in the world for those of us who don't like "So, You Think You Can Dance?" and "CSI: FUCKING EVERYWHERE". This was one of those things and you assholes ruined it. You couldn't just watch it. You couldn't just give it a chance.

I wasn't sure people like us were going to have a place in television, especially after that brief period we were all pretty sure "The Venture Brothers" was going to be cut (Oh, dark days.)

I also blame you all for Arrested Development.
There. I said it.