Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula is a semi-famous television and movie actor who boosted his stardom by repeating the phrase "Oh, boy." continuously. He's also the first in that line of Sci-fi actors who all look suspiciously familiar.

Bakula begets Duchovny, Duchovny begets Fehr. Just as the Bible predicted.

Just The Facts

  1. Most famous for his roles on "Quantum Leap" and "Star Trek: Enterprise".
  2. Nominated for a Tony Award for "Romance/Romance". (Fuck you, Michael Crawford. You deformed bastard.)
  3. Manages to make Joel McHale less-awesome by comparison.
  4. Has been in such controversial and groundbreaking films as "American Beauty", "The Informant!" and "Cats Don't Dance". How did that cat get on those pants without thumbs, Bakula?
  5. Now stars in the show "Men of a Certain Age" which manages to make the 40+ male a tad more depressed about his life also makes his family contemplate suicide at the sound of Ray Romano's voice.
  6. Has a last name that makes you wonder if he is, in fact, a vampire.

The Source of All Bakula Power

Listen, Sam, Ziggy says there is a 85% chance you're here to stop that girl from drinking decaffeinated coffee that isn't Folgers. She starts drinking Maxwell House decaffeinated coffee, she falls asleep at the wheel and goes over a cliff. Unfortunately, her husband was killed by Folger's Thugs so she refuses to buy the brand. But, really, it was Maxwell House guys in disguise who killed him. You gotta' do something, Sam!

Either that or you're here to do some menial task - like letting an old woman win BINGO or giving a chunky 11 year old her first kiss - which, in that case, we won't find out until after you've done all this hard shit. Regardless, this could be your last leap until the leap home!

And, in case you're, this page isn't exactly finished. Yet.