Perhaps the most vague topic on Cracked behind 'Things,' 'Stuff,' and 'Movies that one guy was in.' And if you came here hoping for People Magazine info, leave now, as I hate you.

The front part of  women people - or 'women' for slang.

Just The Facts

  1. You should already know what people are.
  2. How do you not know what people are?
  3. You are an alien/robot.

How to use the word 'People'

  • When describing a specific group of persons. Example: Look at those fat people dancing!
  • When describing the entire body of persons who make up a community by ways of shared or common culture. Example: The American people bring joy to others when they dance, due to the obesity.
  • When describing the followers of a ruler or leader. Example: The king and his people voted 300 to 1 against another fat person dancing joke.

"That will be enough. Alright, one more, but then I seriously gotta do this speech."

How NOT to use the word 'People'

  • When placed after the word you, in the presence of African Americans.

"Umm, uh..I was..uh..referring to one of these. The 'u' people."

Actual U person.