Club Penguin

Club Penguin is a social game for kids to young for facebook

what you think club penguin is like

what its really like. And yes michael jackson rose from the grave just to play this game.

Just The Facts

  1. club penguin is a social game where you can talk to other people online
  2. you are a penguin...
  3. younger kids use club penguin
  4. its got some CREEPY people

what is club penguin?

basicly this game consists of walking around and annoying people with your bad dancing. And you can talk to random people and also be annoying. As you can tell this game annoys me. Probably because this game is more kid centered. you can play for free but you cant buy anything or really DOanything. Its like world of warcraft for kids and without the warcraft. And its a pedofile magnet because its mostly kids under the age of 13.

pictured: your new best freind

frankly if you are over 13 and playing this game you either have social issuses or your a pedofile.

And you can have Puffles (yes i said puffles its a childrens game) they are small furry creatures that do your every command as long as you give them cookies and stuff like that.


And if they get mistreated enough they get pissed.


Why this game is a bitch

you have to pay 50 bucks a year to do practicly ANYTHING. Oh and no profanity. if you curse or use sexual terms or anything like that you get reported. Then they deleate your account. then your out 50 buck. all because you called that green guy an asshole.

what an asshole

also you can be a secret agent... wich really doest do anything accept give you like one mission. And it makes you sound cooler

how this game could be better

PENGUIN WAR. Thats how this game would rule. anyone annoys you BAM problem solved. And if you were a secret agent that would mean somthing. Really, club penguin needs a good war. instead of just throwing snowballs that dont even hit the person

its like this exept more futile

so internet dont play club penguin if your above 13, and club penguin pack some heat. Then i may play.