Robert Englund

Robert Englund AKA: The guy who scares the sh*t out of everyone.

I would have listed more, but the chart would have been 8 miles long of I did.

Just The Facts

  1. He's probably the scariest bastard ALIVE!
  2. He has more movies than years he's been alive. (He's 62 and he's done 63 movies.)
  3. Robert is actually pretty damn funny


Before Robert was scaring the crap out of us in movies like Nightmare on Elm street and Phantom of the Opera, he started his career on TV. It was in a mini-series called V. No, not for Vendetta. His movie career really kicked off when he stared as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street. With this movie, Robert really got a chance to shine and show his overall creepy and scariness. He did this in movies such as Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, Urban Legend, Zombie Strippers and Strangeland. Strangland being the more terrifying of them due to the scene of Robert Englund jacking off. Yeah, they went there.


So from this point on, Robert was simply running around, getting himself killed in pretty much every single movie he was in, and scarring us mentally in the process with creepy sex scenes and human mutilation.

Being terrifying: Robert Englund's Doing it right.


He started studying acting when he was twelve. So he's been crazy his whole life? When he went into High school, he attended an acting school called the Cranbrook Theatre School. He then went to the California State University of Northridge for three years before transferring to Oakland University where he was trained at the Meadow Brook Theatre. He apparently was a ladies man because at this point, he had already been married 3 times. Robert you sly dog!

Now come on. Who wouldn't want to be married to this guy?