Ronald Reagan

If you found a genie in your attic and inexplicably wished John Wayne was president, the result would be... John Wayne as president, probably. If, however, the genie was kind of shitty - and somewhat merciful - Ronald Reagan would be the result.

If Pokemon evolved from 80s crazes like Transformers and Reagan was responsible for the 80s, then, logically, Reagan is responsible for Pokemon. Hooray?

Just The Facts

  1. President of the U.S. during the Best Decade Ever.
  2. Looked back on fondly to this day, despite some controversial policies.
  3. Not one of his films is worth watching. Seriously, not in the slightest.

The Early Years

During his time as an actor, Ronald Reagan was never exactly A list and once joked that the producers of his films "didn't want them good, they wanted them Thursday".

A Classic

Despite this, he was respected enough to be elected President of the Screen Actors Guild for seven one-year terms, despite shopping a bunch of his fellow actors to the House of Un-American Activities Committee and the FBI.

One of his early movements towards politics was the recording of a spoken word album where he explains how healthcare reform will inevitable lead to an evil socialist state, an act of startlingly prescient batshit crazy paranoia that predates Glenn Beck by decades.



The Presidential Years

He was pretty popular as far as presidents go, despite some big setbacks. Mostly he was famous for his economic plan, based on the controversial idea of supply-side economics. This was derided by its critics as "trickle down theory", where if the rich get more money it trickles down to the poor, an idea that lazy political cartoonists everywhere had a field day with:



During the early years of his presidency things weren't looking so good, with unemployment rising above 10% for the first time since the Great Depression. Fortunately, they levelled out throughout the 80's and were slightly better at the end of his final term than when he entered office. How much effect supply-side theory had in the end is difficult to say since only about three people in the world actually understand economics, but it never quite delivered the miracle it was supposed to.

His approval ratings shot to 73% following his reaction to an attempt on his life by the crazed, Jodie Foster-stalking psychopath John Hinckley, Jr.

The great big shitstorm of his political term, however, was the Savings and Loan crisis, which led to federal budget deficits being covered by massive borrowing. As a result, national debt tripled and the USA went from being the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation.

Which is going to be extremely ironic because when China conquers us when we refuse to pay up, the resulting Evil Socialist States of America will be all Reagan's fault.

Thanks Ronald!