Barbie turned 50 in March. What's she up to these days? You know she's up on the latest trends, so let's have a look at her Facebook page:

25 Random Things About Me

1. My middle name is Millicent.
2. I have a pilot's license!!!!!
3. I have over 40 pets, including a lion cub, a panda, and a zebra. It's like a zoo around here! I think I have a zookeeper's license, though.
4. I'm from Willows, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one of the pointy states.
5. My waist suddenly got wider in 1997.
6. My boyfriends, Ken, were born in 1961.
7. My dreamhouse had to be remodeled in 1997 because my friend Becky's wheelchair didn't fit in the elevator. Epic fail!
8. I think Bratz dolls are total hobags, and if I ever see one in my medical practice I'm going to remove her spleen or something. LOL
9. Experts say I don't have enough body fat to lactate successfully.
10. Saudia Arabia thinks I'm decadent and dangerous. What a joke!
11. I used to think math class was tough, but I'm not allowed to say that anymore.
12. Experts say my body doesn't leak toxic chemicals. Yay!
13. There's a syndrome named after me. Cool!
14. I ran for president four times and won once, in 2000.
15. I didn't run in 1996 because I was busy being a chef.
16. I'm only a Canadian Mountie when I'm in Canada.
17. On my website, I invite everyone to hang out in my bedroom. Anytime.
18. I have younger siblings who are twins.
19. The twins' names are Todd, Tutti and Stacie. This sometimes causes confusion.
20. I was an astronaut in 1985. If I had been an astronaut in 1986 I would have blown up.
21. I have a band called Barbie and The Rockers. We were born with a mic in our hand.
22. My best friend's name is Midge. Her face was designed to be less "sexually intimidating" than mine.
23. I was the maid of honor at Midge's wedding. Todd got a new head so he could be the ring bearer.
24. I can't be Oreo Fun Barbie anymore because when I'm black it insults black people.
25. My boobs bothered people in the 50's. Because I had them.

My Videos

Here's the video of our adventures in New York! We're still trying to get the rest of it back from the military, but since I've served in every branch we should get it all eventually.

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