Ballot Screen

The Web browser choice screen, also called the Ballot screen, is a screen in european versions of MS windows specificcaly designed by the European Comission to annoy the user after installing MS windows.

The first page is full of browsers

The second page is full of shit

Just The Facts

  1. The ballot screen was forced into windows after Opera complained to the European Comission that nobody uses their browser
  2. It lets the user select from all the major browsers
  3. as well as from a wide choice of ridiculous junk that Microsoft has put there as a big fuck you to the Comission

What the hell?

No, the images above are not entirely fake. While the captions under the browsers are a little altered (In original, every single one of them says "This browser is the best browser", which is far less helpful), the ballot screen is real. Well, in Europe at least. It is now going to appear to everyone who ever attempts to install any version of Windows in Europe, making the installation process one step more annoying.


It all started when Crybaby Software (formerly known as Opera) came to the European commision, and complained that noone really uses their web browser. The European Commision, consisting entirely of old people who have never seen a computer in their life, agreed that something should be done about that.

There's not much more to tell about that. The rest can be seen above.