Big Boobs

Big boobs are God's way of letting you know: "You'll need insurance!"

Big boobs: making losing the game and ugly people more tolerable since the dawn of time.

Just The Facts

  1. Big boobs have the power to kill millions of unborn children with only a picture.
  2. Some very evil people invented breast reduction. Their motives remain unclear to this day.
  3. They go by many names, but ultimately people who don't sit and think of clever things to call them get to actually see them naked.

Brief History

  • Big boobs, also known as: jugs, knockers, melons (casabas in spanish), hooters, globes, cans, ta-tas, bazookas, dirty pillows, fun bags, jubblies, bazooms, yabos, chesticles, mammaries, gazongas, kahunas, baloobas, bee-stings, bijongas, blinkers, Bonnie and Clyde, bosoms, bumpers, cha-chas, chumbawumbas, dinglebobbers, Eisenhowers, gobstoppers, goombas, Goodyears, high beams, jahoobies, kagemushas, Lewinskis, Mahatmas, milk wagons, num-nums, pushmatahas, wopbopaloobops are just as important for survival and were invented together with air, water and food.
  • God said: "Let there be light!", and so Jennifer Love Hugetits turned and stopped blocking the sun with her huge tits

Pictured: Jennifer Love Hewitt causing a solar eclipse while getting out on her balcony.

Pictured above: Jennifer Love Hewitt getting out to her balcony and causing a solar eclipse while stretching.

Types of big boobs by size

  • The "small" big boobs

They are slightly bigger than normal breasts, but they are still not the biggest and are one of the best out there.

  • The "large" big boobs

They are the BIG among the BIG and people only like them in pornos.

  • The "oh my Lord they are just ridiculous" big boobs

They are the ones that even the Titanic would sink motorboating. And because of their size people invented "over the shoulder bolder holders" to keep them from sweeping the floor.

Pictured: the sound stage of the titanic.

Above: the sound stage of the Titanic motion picture.