Dino Thunder

Dino Thunder is the 12th season of Power Rangers, and the second of the Disney-owned rangers.

You'd think people would be tired of it by now


Guess whose back, bitches?

Just The Facts

  1. Possibly the first season to only have five rangers all together.
  2. The title means "Thunder Thunder". WTF.
  3. Tommy's back. No, seriously, he is.

What is this 'Originality' you speak of?

Power Rangers; Dino Thunder was pretty much a wank fest for all the fans of the old guard. Red Tyrannosaurus? Check. Blue Triceratops? Check. Pink Pteradactyl? Eh, it was a yellow Pteranodon, close enough. Black Mastodon? Nope, sorry, but you get the Technicolor ranger as a consolation prize. Power Coins? Nah, Dino Gems, which gave the user neat civilian powers. Power Chamber? Ummmm... how about a creepy underground lab? No? Sorry, have an entier fucking episode dedicated to the previous seasons.

It starts off with a 'mysterious' man on the run from Tyrannodrones, the Putties of the season, and Mesogog, the season's bad guy. He tries to escape from his exploding lab, makes it outside, and...OMG! Its Tommy Oliver! With short hair...and a gotee. *sigh*.

Anyway, he runs through the forest, shows off his moves, and runs some more, only to find Disney won't let him escape the shitstorm to come; he's on an island! Deciding to cut his losses, he jumps off the cliff into the water. The island blows up and sinks. It should be noted, at this point, that they never tell us how he got back to shore. Instead, we get a highschool!

We then find out that there are only three students in the school who dress in color, all of whom end up in detention, which is being supervised by none other than Tommy Oliver! Who's..now a science teacher. *sigh*

Well he takes them to a museum, which is locked, and sends them out in the woods to find 'anything prehistoric.' Very responsible buddy. They could fall in a sinkhole or something! Which they do. Which leads them to a creepy lab. Which has three primary colored stones sitting on a smoking meteorite. Which they steal. Which gives them powers.

Later the girl gets kidnapped, and the boys go to the only person that can help them. And its, you guessed it, Tommy Oliver! They break into his house, which is in te middle of the woods, and find a Batman worthy secret entrance to, *gasp!* the same lab! They find Tommy, rescue the girl, he gives them morphers, and the rest is history.

The Rangers

Conner McKnight: Red Tyranno Ranger/Triassic Ranger

Soccer star and total airhead, Conner, with the Red Dino Gem, had the extra power of superspeed. Early in the season, the director explaned away his faux pas of casting him in the last season as a ninja student (don't ask) by having him be the previouse character's twin brother. He actually tried to walk away from the team in episode three, but, of course, he 'found his reason to fight'. Yeah, right; he found out that once you get the cool suit you're the Power's bitch for life. His main weapon was the Tyranno staff.

About three-fourths into the season, Conner recieved the 'Shield of Triumph', a literal shield shaped like Styracosaurus head. This gave him acces to a new power; the Triassic Ranger. Which he could only Morph to with help of the yellow and blue rangers. The Shield doubled as a sword and served as his weapon, and if he got really mad, he could either trap his enemy in the 'Triassic Dimension' or activate his Battllizer, which gave him inspector Gadget-like powers, includin back-mounted cannons, super-strech limbs, and a yoyo. A yoyo that was on fire.

Ethan James: Blue Tricera Ranger

Self proclaimed geek, Ethan was the token African-American ranger. At least he wasn't in the black suit. His dino power was an armor that took the form of glowing blue scales. His main weapon, go figure, was the Tricera Shield.

Kira Ford: Yellow Ptera Ranger

An Avril wannabe but better dressed, Kira was the token girl ranger of the season. Her gem gave her the 'Ptera Scream', a hypersonic screech that could blast enemies away and even be used as a shield. Her weapons were twin 'Ptera Grips', which were just Ptera-head shaped daggers.

Dr. Tommy Oliver: Black Brachio Ranger

Cast as the montor figure of the season, it was admittied by the director that he only brought Tommy back because of waning intrest in the series. Naturally, we old fans expected the adorable absent-minded leader we had come to love. What did we get? A fucking doctor of Paleontology with a thing for morality lectures. Who, for all his acclaimed skill, spent two episodes fossilized in amber, nearly a dozen stuck in morph, two stuck invisible, and another in a coma. Oh, did I not mention? His Dino Power is invisibility. Which would, admitidly, be fucking awsome. What did he get out of this ordeal? Super Dino Mode. What did we get? Annoyance, followed by an awsome episode where he fights three of his past ranger forms; Zeo Ranger V, White Tiger Ranger, and Green Dragon Ranger. Which many people got pissed at 'cause the helmet was wrong and there was a huge fucking hole in the Dragon Shield. But, all in all, not bad for a guy who got his latest set of powers by being kidnapped. Again.

His main weapon was the 'Brachio Staff', which was actually a blunted rapier.

Trent Fernandez: White Drago Ranger

Trent was a Hisapanic artist, generally seen working at the Cyberspace (this season's Youth Center), drawing, or kicking the other ranger's asses. Yup! Trent was this season's evil ranger! About halfway through, though, he got switched to good and immediatly started sucking major balls. His power even sucked; he could camoflage like a chameleon. Which, after Dr.O's invisibility, is realy kind of lame. His weapon was a quill-shaped saber called the 'Drago Saber', and had two modes; sword mode and quill mode, which let him literally draw attacks and fire them.


And, once again, we get to the fabulose fighting macines known as Zords. Only this time there "Fusion powered replicants using actual dinosaur DNA for their nueral functions". In laymen's terms, they're honest to god cybernetic dinosaurs. Normally you'd have the five main zords plus one or two auxiliary zords, but not this season. Nope, Dr. O himself built eleven of'em. WTF. Oh, and they're not 'Dinozords', people, that was season one. Nope, these are the 'Biozords'. And the main three combined to form the Thundersaurus Megazord. Which, translated, means Thunder Lizard. Translated back, it means Dinosaur. So it was the Dinosaur Megazord. Clever.

Red Tyrannozord

The red Tyrannosaurus zord made up the main portion of the Thudersaurus Megazord, as well as the left arm, and could turn its tail into a high-powered drill. It could also breath fire. Awsome.

Blue Tricerazord

The blue Triceratops made up the right arm of the Megazord. It was pretty much limited to ramming into things. Yeah. It usually ended up disconnected so one of the auxilery zords could take its place.

Yellow Pterazord

The Pterazord was not, in fact, a Pteradactyl. It was the closely related Pteranodon. Who cares? It was just decoration anyway. It formed the helmet of the Megazord and decoration on the front. Its wings, however, were really sharp and it could be detached in the form of the 'Pterarang.'

Black Brachiozord

This was pretty much the most useless zord in the entier season. It was a black Brachiosaurus that served as a carrier zord that housed all the others. Accoring to the bio, it could fire a high-powered laser from it's mouth, but we never got to see it. Fuck, man, gimmie back the Dragonzord.

But on the other hand, it was the only zord to get it's own theme song.

White Dragozord

This is the White Dragozord, not the Green Dragonzord. Huge difference, people. It was based off the Tupuxuara, a type of flying dinosaur. Whay its called the Dragozord it pretty much a mystery, unless it was just because 'Tupuzord' sounded lame. Its used the Stegozord to form the Dino Stegozord. (WTF is with the names this season?)

Auxiliary Zords

Cephalozord- a purple Pachychephalosaurus. It attached to the right arm in place of the Tricerazord. It had a hard head used to punch things.

Dimetrozord- A light blue Dimetrodon. It attached to the left arm in place of the Tyranno tail. It had a huge circular saw blade instead of a sail like its extinct counterpart.

Stegozord- a crimson Stegosaurus. It not only formed the main portion of the Dino Stegozord, but could also convert into 'hover mode'. It was basically a surfboard for the Valkasaurus Megazord. (that was the 'pile as many on as possible' megazord)

Parazord- A green Parasaurlophus. Think Ducky from "Land Before Time". It attached to the left arm in place of the tyranno tail. Its tail was a huge pair of scissors. Seriously.

Ankylozord- An orange Ankylosaurus. It took the place of the Tricerazord. Its back was a rotating shield and its tail was and extra drill, like the tyranno tail.

Mezodon Rover- the zord of the Triassic Ranger. In its 'Triassic Megarover' form, it was a huge scarlet and black chariot drawn by the Styracozord, a scarlet Styracosaurus. It was the only zord that needed no other zords to form a megazord, the Mezodon Megazord. It could also be combined with the Cephalo-, Demitro-, Para-, and Ankylozords to form the Triceramax Megazord. Which is stupid cause the Tricerazord had no part in it.

Raptor Riders- Four Utahraptors in assorted colors. They weren't Zords, per say, but they were a way for the rangers to get around before they got the ATV's and dirtbikes.


Where would the rangers be without enemies to fight? Probably out of a job.

Mesogog/Anton Mercer

Ugly as fuck and a temper to match, Mesogog was a human/Dinosaur hybrid created when Dr. Anton Mercer, Tommy's old reaserch partner, tested a serum on himself. His main plan was to 'dinorestructure' the Earth, turning it into a prehistoric playground where the dinosaurs rule. As commented; "Why can't you just want to rule the Earth, like all the other sickos?"

While Mesogog is the dominant part, Mercer could reasert control for short periods of time, during which he's a shrewed asshole buisnessman and Trent's adoptive father.

Elsa/Principal Randall

Elsa was a biker chick serving Mesogog. Decked out in leather and heels, she had a sword and knew how to use it. When she wasn't trying to kill the rangers, making new monsters, or hitting on Tommy, she was the principal at Reefside high, the same school that Dr.O taught at and the rangers went to. And they still didn't find out who she was until the last few episodes.


A cyborg with a grudge, Zeltrax served Mesogog for the first half of the season, but betrayed him halfway through so he could focus on his one goal in life; killing Tommy.

White Ranger/White Ranger Clone

The white ranger spent most of the season as the toughest enemy the rangers face. When he decided he wanted to bat for the other team, Zeltrax came in and made a clone of him. He stayed and generally fucked the rangers up until Trent killed him.


The tyrannodrones were this season's putties; dinosaur DNA combined with technology to form a perfect footsoildier. Geeze, who thought that was a good idea? Oh, yeah; Dr. O!

Triptoids were similar but better dressed. They were actually generic enemies from a computer game that got drawn into the real world by a magnetic monster.

Hayley Ziktor

Owner of the Cybercafe and resident techinical guru, Hayley was to the Dino rangers what BIlly was to the Zeo team. She and Tommy met in college and she somehow found out his secret. She built the morphers and most of the ranger's tech.


A budding reporter and her bumbling cameraman, these two were the Bulk and Skull of the season; constantly trying to find out the identities of the rangers. They actually caught them morphing on film in the last episode, but Cassidy gave them the tapes because it "wouldn't be fair to ruin there lives for the sake of her own career."