-Under Construction-Reality is the state of existence that is clearly real, either empirically, personally, or theologically. It contains EVERYTHING that is real.

Just The Facts

  1. You are here.
  2. Reality is known to bite, but usually only when threatened.

Living in Reality is Hard

Everthing and everyone that exists, exists within reality. However, not everyone actually likes reality the way it is. Despite there being a number of attempted escape routes, there are none that fully function. Even the world's most wasted junkie and the world's most crazy psycho will eventually find themselves faced with reality itself. Probably that will be a very unpleasant day for them.

Make no mistake though, deciding to live in reality and then doing it is actually pretty hard. Existentialists tried to explain this to people pretty directly, but plenty of earlier philosophies and religions also made some attempt to clue people in to the fact that the real world can get difficult and nasty. Of course, everyone tends to have their own reaction to that situation, but we can at least set them somewhat apart from the people that just don't want to accept any reality that isn't easy and pleasant. Pleasant for them, of course. Other people's pleasant experience tends to be optional.

You Can Still Learn Something Looking For the Edge

Just because we are all stuck in reality doesn't mean that there's no value in trying to find the edges and limits of our own existences.