Ditzy. Moronic. Sluttish. Sex Objects. Brainless. No wonder blondes have more fun!

Way to break the stereotype. You go girl.

Just The Facts

  1. The earliest blonde joke on record was found in Sumeria, and dates to 3000 BC.
  2. Blondes have a reputation for low intellect and high sex drive. Most seem to desperately try to live up to this.
  3. A well endowed blonde can make it anywhere. And frequently does.

The Stereotype

Hair colour. Just one of those things. Unless you are a blonde.

Green side up!

Stereotypes are comforting. Ususally completely fucking wrong, but it gives you a feeling of content to be able to slot someone neatly into a specific pigeon-hole. It also removes the sting of the inevitable rejection when that blonde cheerleader laughs at you before you can even ask.

The blonde stereotype is ancient, and the one we so love to mock today comes from many sources. We've done the hard work - so you can sound both enlightened and educated in your prejudice.

Blondes are Dumb

The idea that blondes are as thick as frozen pigshit comes from that bastion of intolerance and human rights violations - the Roman Empire.

Blondes are Easy

This one has an origin story that makes Wolverines look like Doctor Seuss.

Blondes get by on their looks/ Blondes are Gold Diggers

A combined one

Blondes are Villains

Pointed out by a fellow blonde

Blondes are Sexy

A blonde, blue eyed killer. Well, heelllloooo Miss Texas.

For some reason, blondes are thought to be sexy as hell.

The Reality

Famous Blondes - stereotyped for your convenience.

Marilyn Monroe

Anna Nichol Smith

Reece Witherspoon

Rutger Hauer

Dolly Parton

Meg Ryan - proof that blondes know how to fake it

Paris Hilton - sometimes the stereotype is the truth. famous quotes - as we may as well have fun.