Mind Games

Women play Mind Games with men, even when we all know it..

is my nose to big?.. Jim answer me..

Just The Facts

  1. Women for the most part are insecure about their body.
  2. Asking their partner questions about how they look should make them feel better.
  3. You as the partner must know what to say when they ask, because 9 times out of 10 its a mind game.
  4. If you fail at the game you lose, and your relationship follows you.
  5. Through out history its been observed that men rarely win these games.
  6. Woman always say that men play mind games, but who believes that..

Why women play mind games?

First off you must understand what a mind game is.. You may have encountered such a thing in your lifetime without even knowing it! It may be happening at this very second while your girlfriend is looking at herself in the mirror, asking a question along the lines of, "do these pants make my butt look fat?" You so senselessly think this is just a normal question. It's not! It's a trap and please for the love of all things manly do not say, "it makes it look Phat". You have to understand that a woman thinks and reacts with emotions. As well as the way society portrays men in such show as Scrubs, the O.C. men do NOT act like this in real life..

Its mostly the little things that they over examine, like why you still wear those shades that your ex bought you? For women it may as well be a sign saying you are in fact still in love with that woman. For gods sake they are just glasses. You would think that they would at least ask you a simple question before continually thinking about how much you love your ex, and how she knows you have been engorging yourself in other women's bosoms. They begin to plot with their so called "girlfriends" (they are really chickbots sent back in time to destroy your sex life). These so called women are the planners, and may be used in the plot its self to catch you. With this, it begins..

The game in play

Well this game has begun, she may take you out to a club where one of her friends are. She has to go to the little girls room of course, that's when her friend comes in and tries to hit on you. Be weary gentlemen, act like you and your girlfriend are married, and respectfully say, "No you skank, I'm married!" After this you must proceed to walk to the other side of the club will doing a drunken electric slide. This will make all other women immediately unattracted to you. The girl's plan has failed, with this they move onto phase two. This is the phase that involved no "chickbots" as I like to call them. Your partner may buy you a watch, shirt or an article of clothing or an accessory to see how many times you will wear this instead of the son of a whore glasses you wear all the time. She ay even go out of the ball park and buy you a ridiculous scarf that will test your loyalty to her. If you fail to wear this attire then you do in fact hate her, and you are in fact out giving the most delectable girls rimmies in the bathrooms of your local KFC.

Analysis of the game

The game starts off with a false prediction. It's just pure insanity actually all the woman wants to is if what she is thinking is actually true. You (being the man) has no idea what is going on about 97% of the time. Its like going blindfolded into a fight with Mike Tyson. The fact is that you did something, and its most likely something you don't even know. But you did something that just scream guilty! To what ever she thinks its towards. Like I said it could be the glasses your wearing that your ex bought you, or the shirt, or you gosh dam haircut? I don't know how the think entirely, but whatever it is, the man has no intention of wearing whatever it is to show their love for somebody or something. Men just wear whatever honestly, like me ill wear sweats to a job interview or ill possibly wear shorts, maybe even a speedo. (only for lifeguards) The simple truth is we don't involve emotions into clothing. The outcome of the game is based on how you act, and what you do in whatever clothing you wear so for the woman to base their assumptions on that is about as retarded as it gets. Maybe its his favorite shirt because it shows off his sweet fencing skills.

Outcome of the game

Finally the end of this horrible nightmare!!! Its like Friday the 13th and you're the first person to die. You most likely lost.. well I know you lost, no man has ever won. The likeliness of you winning is slim to none because you probably have no idea the game has even begun. You being clueless act as usual and they take this as you being a jackass and still doing the same ol shit you do everyday (which to them is a horrible act) They see you dozing through life still wearing those glasses, or cut off shorts to bed like you every man does right? You lost because you didn't wear the new glasses she bought you more then you wore the old ones. The ones bought by the whore of an ex girlfriend. Making you the loser.

Since you lost like every other man, the woman has complete authority (in her eyes) to treat you like the DOUCHE you are! With this she will involve more and more emotions, and finally conclude that she needs to reevaluate the relationship because you have fucked up big time. She will continue on to say how she doesn't even want to think about what other obligatory things you have done. You can try to explain yourself but that's like trying to convince Mr. T. that he should shave his mo hawk and telling him the 80's are over. It just isn't gonna happen she wont have it no way! She is above you now and will not be able to understand that she is over thinking the bullshit. A tip is to not fight and try and use it against her because she knows this game like the inside of her Gucci purse. Basically it's about time to make like a tree, and fuck off. (Boondock Saints.)