Mark Hamill

When people think of Mark Hamill, they undoubtedly imagine the young and innocent Luke Skywalker from A New Hope endlessly whining and escaping death through luck and stupidity.

But now he looks like this.

Just The Facts

  1. Mark Hamill has appeared in dozens of films and television series in a career spanning five decades
  2. Your mother can name three Mark Hamill films, yet only hardcore Hamillites could name a fourth.
  3. Time Runner

Mark Hamill: The fingers, The throat, The concepts.

Mark Hamill began his career appearing in various t.v. shows and made for t.v. movies, but it was his starring role in Star Wars that truly jumpstarted his career. As costars Harrison Ford went on to become a major box office draw and Carrie Fisher guest starred on an episode of Smallville, Hamill faded from the public eye into obscurity. Hamill's life is often compared to Ford's as the two share many similarities. Let's examine those similarities through a wonderfully artistic illustration.

But how could this happen? How could the star of the most succesful movie of the time reach this point where his only success comes from voice acting? The only possible explanation to this mystery is that after Return of the Jedi Mark must have hired a young Warwick Davis to be his agent. Davis, being jealous of Hamill's larger screen presence and lack of furry costume, actively worked against Mark so he could keep all of the meaty leading man parts for himself. By giving Hamill poor acting advice Davis was able to get starring roles which would have otherwise gone to Hamill.

Hes a deviant little man..

To be fair Mark's voice has been in more media than I have friends and most of the time you can't tell that it's Luke Skywalker. He's braved the bizarro realm of Japanese culture to lend his voice to anime and will even lend his voice to an upcoming Lego animated series (Im as bewildered as you are) . Hell he even played Wolverine in the wonderful X2 videogame. At some point you too may also experience the feeling of watching the last 5 minutes of some cartoon only to find the name Hamill catching your eye in the credits and having a gigantic OMF WTF THAT WAS LUKE SKYWALKER moment. This is probably a feat that Harrison Ford could never accomplish although if someone were to ask Ford to voice an animated character he would probably look at them like they're crazy and fly away in his helicopter on his way to rescue orphans from a forest fire.