Tramp Stamps

Lower back tattoos. Always a great idea, and a real time saver for the busy puller. Girls with a tramp stamp usually have a four drink minimum.

A field guide to stamps

Just The Facts

  1. A "Tramp Stamp" is a modern slang term for a tattoo on one's lower back, AKA slag tag.
  2. Girls with Tramp Stamps are 60% more likely to put out than non-tramp-stamped girls, according to science
  3. The scientists who discovered the above result wish to do additional research.

FAQ Tramp Stamps

Q: Do Tramp Stamps indicate promiscuity?

A: Does a goatee indicate a hipster? They are not infallible, but a pretty good indicator.

Q: What sort of woman gets a Tramp Stamp?

A: One who desperately wants attention at any cost.

Q: My girlfriend has a Tramp Stamp. Should I be worried?

A: As long as you keep your clinic appointments, you should be fine.

Q: Should I get a Tramp Stamp

A: No. Unless you are an attention whore.

Q: Is there an accepted form for a Tramp Stamp?

A: Something small and simple, that draws attention to your ass, assuming you are size 10 or under.

Tramp Stamp Do's and Don'ts?

Do not get one because your friends have.

Do learn what they mean before getting them.

Do not tease the nerds

Do not be so fucking pathetic!

Do remember - your favorite game may change.

Do not do this. It is not funny. Moron.

Men do not get tramp stamps. Not even to show their hobbies.

Jesus H Fucking Christ! What the fuck are you on?! Sick fucker!