6 Of The (Possibly) Most Horrifying Illnesses

We all know that there's germs everywhere, plotting our ultimate end with their tiny, germ brains. (If they even have brains. If so, we're fucked.) Some people turn into a paranoid, twitching mass hysteria. (Also known as the government.)

The next generation of viruses

Gangrene (#6)

Gangrene is a complication of necrosis (i.e., cell death) characterized by the decay of body tissues, which become black (and/or green) and malodorous. (Thanks wikipedia for coming through as usual!)

Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Your hands or feet turning into a black, stinking, rotting mass of flesh, with bits falling off at will. Sort of a half hearted attempt at turning yourself into a zombie, without the obsession with brains.

Necrotizing fasciitis (Flesh Eating Bacteria, #5.)