War And Peace

War and Peace is notorious for being long and boring, as well as being written by a sadist.

Just look at them..... DANCING....

You can decide for yourself which circle Tolstoy ended up in.

Just The Facts

  1. War and Peace was written before the History Channel
  2. War and Peace has well-developed characters.
  3. You should never read it.

The Book



How do you not see it?

This book has too many pages. You think that it'd be shorter, seeing how it's all about these guys:

Oh, SURE. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were defending their home from this guy:

I'm quaking, are you quaking?

But somehow, the book last 1378 pages!

Look what you've done, Tolstoy

Naturally, this book is far too long and boring for children/teenagers/adults/senior citizens/those who wish to keep their sanity intact.

Why read it then?

BRAGGING RIGHTS! Yes. I read it so I could brag to my friends that I read it. Of course, no one was really impressed.


And I didn't even get extra bonus credit. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? (Yes.)