Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Bruce Springsteen is the American singer and guitarist who singlehandedly saved Rock N' Roll. He is backed by "the heart stoppin', pants droppin', earth shakin', love makin', history makin', viagra takin' E Street Band."

The Boss


The BIg Man on the Saxophone!

Just The Facts

  1. Has released 16 studio albums
  2. Has never had a #1 single
  3. Also plays piano, pump organ, banjo, autoharp, and ukelele.

Cracked on Bruce


Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey. That's right: The Boss is sixty years old. He was first bitten by the music bug at ten years old when he saw Elvis Perform on TV.When he was 16 his mom bought him a Kent Guitar for $60 for Christmas. He has said he wanted to "Write like Bob Dylan, play like Chuck Berry, and sing like Roy Orbison."

His father hated his music. Springsteen often tells the story about what his dad referred to as the "God damn guitar...". His early bands included The Castiles, and Steel Mill before he formed the E Street Band.

His first two albums were critically acclaimed but commercial flops, but produced "Rosalita", a crowd-favorite to this day


In 1975, the world was a bleak place. The Beatles were split up, rock music was dominated by British bands like The Who and Led Zeppelin, and American music was condemned to the easy listening styles of The Carpenters and James Taylor.
Then Bruce releasaed "Born to Run".and America woke the fuck up. From opening harmonica of "Thunder Road", through the high-energy desperation of the title track, to the epic heights of "Jungleland", Bruce and the E Street Band knocked over the competition, and cemented Bruce's place in rock history.

But he wasn't done. "Darkness On The Edge of Town" and "The River" kept Bruce rocking, giving the finger to disco. "The River" produced Bruce's biggest hit at that point, "Hungry Heart", which went #5 on the charts. Bruce and co. played for three to four hours on stage. Try getting that kind of dedication next time you shell out $100 bucks for fucking Fall-Out Boy.


In 1984 Bruce released "Born In The USA". Though the effects of the 80's were starting to show, Bruce took those synthesizers and made them rock. "USA" was his most commercially successful album, thanks to the title track, and hits "My Hometown", "Glory Days", and "Dancing In The Dark.". Bruce played to massive stadiums, and expanded the E Street Band by adding guitar virtuoso Nils Lofgren, and vocalist Patti Scialfa.

But leave it up to women to ruin a good thing. Bruce married model Julianne Phillips, and moved to LA. Fans decried him for going "Hollywood". The marriage was doomed from the start, and the breakup, as well as his longing for bandmate Scialfa, was chronicled on the "USA" follow-up, "Tunnel of Love."

1990-1999: A SHITTY DECADE

After "Tunnel", Bruce dismantled his legendary band, and started working with studio musicians. Meanwhile, he was spotted on a balcony in Rome wearing just his underwear, in the company of red-head Scialfa, who was definitely NOT his wife. Bruce divorced Phillips, and had a baby with Scialfa, whom he later married. They are still married today, and Bruce is one of the few rock stars who has survived such a scandal with his reputation intact.

Bruce and the studio musicians created two albums released simulaneously, "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town". While you would think two Bruce alums would be twice as awesome, you would be severely disappointed. The title track of the former, "Human Touch", is a favorite of Muzak stations, and no one wants their music associated with Muzak.


In 1999, Bruce re-united the E Street band shortly after being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They had a successful reunion tour, but Bruce struggled with song writing.

Then 9/11 happened.

After the twin towers fell, Bruce started working on "The Rising". It was the first album of all new music recorded with the E Street Band in 14 years, and he hasn't slowed down. In 2006 he released "Magic", which blasted the Bush administration and the Iraq War, and in 2009 he released "Working On A Dream", the title track being an ode to Barack Obama.

Bruce and the band continue to tour, and they still play up to and over 3 hours. Their recent examples of badassery include "Sign Requests": Bruce will collect various signs from the crowd requesting old covers or rare B-Sides, and the Band will play them cold, with no fucking rehearsal.