1980s Fashion

The 80's, back in the days where walking around with bright yellow lycra pants was considered acceptable. Nearly all of the fashion looked like they ripped everything up, wore tights and random bright shit.

Gay fashion was an invention of the 80s.

From far away, C.C. DeVille could be your cousin in her yearbook picture.

Boy George spent his younger years as a lovely young lady and his older years as a, well, very frightening transvestite.

Just The Facts

  1. Nearly every man had longer and better hair than women.
  2. We can attribute 95% of the ozone layer's depletion to Aquanet, thanks to the 80s.
  3. The idea of buff women came from the large shoulder pads women wore then.

The Age of Coming Out

Back then Oprah was just starting out. Now she's bigger than the world. Literally.

The 80's was a time where anyone could be whatever gender they desired. Women were now busting out shoulder pads, possibly to try out for the school football team, while men were dressing out in powersuits with bright colorful hues and their newfound interest in earrings. This was a generation of gender confusion. Parents were flustered at the crazy fashions their children were coming out with, but they had no choice but to go with it.

Tube tops and mini skirts were also an invention of the 80s. At least some good things came out of that fashion.

Except the fat women who continue to wear them today.

Make up became huge during this era. Girls sprinted to their local stores to buy pounds upon pounds of mousse and hairspray, so their hair would puff up and look big, as seen in this well known movie www.imdb.com/title/tt0427327/ . This trend has lost its popularity nowadays, as girls would rather have their hair smooth and straight. Men also had their hair puffed up, both of which were very similar to a birds nest. The face make-up, however, has not lost its touch with neither young ladies or young ladymen.

Men found the 80s the perfect time to finally come out of the closet, what with the new, bold, neon, colorful looks they could try out. The popular fashion was to wear a shirt with a jacket over and tight colorful pants. A lot of fashion was inspired by Michael Jackson's video Thriller, possibly because of the badass ability to turn into a werewolf. One of the biggest fashion statements that came from Thriller was to wear sunglasses, I mean shades, all the time. Even at nighttime. Guys thought they looked cool stumbling around in the dark because of their shades. It probably wasn't funny when they drop kicked a crow, thinking it was another guy trying to steal their girl, but whatever floated their boats.

You know those girls with the fake tan, tons of make up, short short short skirts, and annoying way of talking? Those Valley Girls. We can ungratefully thank the 80s for breeding these sub-humans. Caliornia too. The trend started in 1981 with headbands.

Fuck. You.

The valley girls possibly admired how cheerleaders panties could be seen from their short skirts whilst practicing their gymnastics, so they wore the skirts daily and gained much attention from guys in heat. Their unique style was wearing headbands, mini skirts, and leg warmers. The valley girls in the 80s probably weren't as ditzy as the ones today, but they should have been killed off a long time ago.

"Lyk omg, do I look hawt with this hairstyle?!"

The Only Good Fashion from the 80s

Despite the horrifying bright colored fashions in America, the UK was smart enough to know that black was in now and forever. They also had a thing for tracksuits, but UK chicks are hot so it's all good and dandy. Nightclubs began to be a place for women to show off their bodies with tight skimpy dresses. Lace became a huge hit after the Princess of Wales wore it.

Good thing she's the hot Princess of Wales and not Whales, or that lace fad would have never caught on...

Another fashion that appeared during this time in Britain, was the New Romantic style. The New Romantics stole their look from the punks but were apparently a very different party. Punks were mocked for being anti-social while the New Romantics flaunted their stolen style in nightclubs all the time. Another style for the New Romantics was the Pirate look. The Pirate look was not a stereotypical swash-buckling-dirty-mouthed-sailor look, rather it meant that one had to wear a frilly, full-sleeved shirt, jackets, and high-waisted, baggy pants.

Not this time, buddy, sorry.