"Charity and personal force are the only investments worth anything." - Walt Whitman

Not the sort of charity we are talking about

Can we go back to the first one?

Just The Facts

  1. Charity is the noble impulse to assist your fellow man while feeling incredibly smug about it.
  2. "For just $2 per month you can feed and educate this child." Sod charity, we are moving there.
  3. Charity used to be a duty - now it is more of a bandaid for your conscience.


Charity has been around as long as humans, if not longer, and is a survival trait.

And almost as long as Raquel Welch

Humans, despite the number of times you have heard "sheeple", are predatory pack animals. Infirm, injured and elderly members of the pack are looked after and fed, as we seem to have some scruples against simply killing and eating them.

This had two benefits in the past:

  1. There was always someone to guard the home camp and children.
  2. There was always someone around to sacrifice when a sabre-toothed tiger attacked.

Guys? I could sure use that cripple right about now.


There are charities for just about every possible state of being *cough* disadvantaged, allowing you to pick and support your favorite disability - physical, mental or furry.


Give the charity money, stupid.


Everywhere. Charities are the only truly global phenomenon.


The problem with a random collector in the street asking for your spare change is that you really don't know if you can spare it just yet. Hence many people wait until they are dead to donate.