Teen Dramas

Teen dramas gained popularity in the 2000's, and they often feature ridiculous plots that don't happen in real life.

I guess the world really likes things that are batshit...

... which might be why this guy is all over the internet.

This guy plays Finn on Glee. Finn is in high school. This guy is 28 years old.

Just The Facts

  1. Even the manliest of teenagers are obviously teenagers when you make them stand next to people in their 20's. Teen drama casting people / directors seem to think teenagers ARE in ther 20's.
  2. Teen dramas focus on a select group of friend that hardly ever interact with anyone outside said group. This means that characters often only swap girlfriends/boyfriends.
  3. Teen dramas have decided to, instead of unintentionally showing unbelievable shit on screen, intentionally show unbelievable shit on screen. Thus we have Smallville, Kyle XY, etc.

Cracked on Teen Dramas

Seriously, these things are pretty fucked up. Just take a look at Gossip Girl. While the rest of the teenagers of the world are dealing with peer pressure, angst and acne, these teenagers are dealing with family fortune troubles, sex, sex, setting up their own businesses, sex, and destroying the lives of their enemies.

Oh... I guess I like Gossip Girl too now.

Oh, shit. Actually... I guess I like Gossip Girl too now.

Ok, now let's take a look at Glee. Glee is actually a more or less accurate take on life. Although there are no groups of people who can instantaneously break out into song in pefect harmony. Yes, it is a musical show, but when there are scenes of their teacher actually handing out music sheets, you expect them to practice first. No, they do not. They break out into song, complete with backup singers, beats, etc.


Basically, most Teen Drama producers are evil masterminds that try to exploit the desires of teenagers, allowing them to watch what they wish their own lives were like. Yes, they're evil.