Animal Collective

Animal Collective, health in a headphone.

bonerville(from an angle)

the Geologist's beard is powerful enough to power hand cannons.

Just The Facts

  1. A musical collective originally from Baltimore, Maryland,
  2. Stage names: Panda Bear, Geologist, Deakin, Avey Tare
  3. Looking into Geologist's head lamp will turn you into stone.
  4. Have the ability to make earth-shattering eargasms.

Animal Collective A.K.A....

Animal Collective grew out of childhood friendships in Baltimore County. Noah Lennox and Josh Dibb met in the second grade and became good friends. Lennox went away to Pennsylvania for high school, while Dibb attended The Park School of Baltimore along with David Portner and recent Philadelphia transplant Brian Weitz. Portner, Weitz and Dibb were in an indie rock band called Automine with schoolmates Brendan Fowler (a.k.a. BARR) and David Shpritz. Dibb introduced Lennox to Portner and Weitz and the four of them played music in different combinations and often solo, swapping homemade recordings and sharing ideas.

Lennox and Dibb both went off to college in the Boston area (Boston University and Brandeis University), while Portner and Weitz attended schools in New York City (NYU and Columbia University). Lennox and Dibb assembled Lennox's debut album Panda Bear during this time from the multitude of recordings Lennox had made in the previous years and established their own label, Soccer Star Records, to release it.


* Avey Tare (David Portner; vocals, guitar, samples, keys, percussion) - Name comes from "tearing" apart the name Davey, hence Avey Tare.

* Deakin (Josh Dibb; guitar, vocals) - Name comes from letters he used to write to other members under the name Conrad Deacon. He has used a different spelling of the name for each album he has appeared on and been credited for. He has been absent from the group since the start of 2007, however he is planned to return.

* Geologist (Brian Weitz; electronics, samples, vocals) - Name comes from the headlamp he wears in order to see the electronics during live shows.[17] Also, people mistakenly thought Brian was in geology, rather than marine biology in college.

* Panda Bear (Noah Lennox; vocals, percussion, samples, guitar) - Name comes from the panda he drew on the first set of songs he ever wrote.


They have made 8 albums; every single one of which can easily be adapted to a soundtrack to your life. Strawberry Jam their 7th album is known to be one of the most potent aphrodesiacs in the world. Panda Bear won the crusades by T.K.O.


Recommended Listening

The Strawberry Jam album. PERIOD.

My Girls

Brother Sport

Summertime Clothes

Leaf House

or pretty much any other song they have made.