Roosters, also known by the UK term "cocks," are surprisingly sexy according to the internet.

Big, black roosters.

Just The Facts

  1. When first maturing, roosters stand tall and proud. As they age they may begin to stoop a little. This is normal.
  2. Do not impugn another man's rooster.
  3. Ladies love long, hard, thick, glistening roosters.

A Clarification On Gender

Roosters are typically preferred by women. Simply put, women just love roosters more, and all the things that can be done with roosters. A woman may be tired at the end of the workday, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't like to have some fun with a nice rooster--and possibly even more than one! Men, meanwhile, have a tendency to prefer hens, and focus on the hens' juicy breasts and tender thighs. Both genders, however, can appreciate a look at a nice tail.

However, some women like hens, and some men enjoy roosters--either all the time or just occasionally. And that's fine! There's nothing wrong with that. Why, some of our best friends enjoy roosters exclusively. In fact, it's very common for all men to feel at least a little curious about what it would be like to look at another man's rooster, or touch it, or even try to ride it! And there's nothing wrong with being curious.

So don't be ashamed if this turns you on.

About The Rooster

In media roosters are commonly depicted crowing early each morn as they awaken. While there is some truth to this, roosters are capable of crowing many times a day--in fact, sometimes one right after another! So ladies, if your favorite rooster has already crowed today, don't fret; if you treat it right you can have that rooster crow all night if you want.

If you own a rooster, be sure you clean it thoroughly every day! Be firm, but gentle, to get rid of dead skin and stray feathers. Improper hygiene of your rooster can lead to disease and bad odors or flavor. Very few people like the taste of a dirty rooster! And don't forget, it may be fun to play with your rooster while you clean it, but don't take too long!

Leave some hot water--your dad has a rooster to clean too, you know.