Top 10 Best Jackass Number Two Skits Of All Time

In a world where movie theatres everywhere are filled with dramatic romances, tasteful masterpieces or the newest Judd Apatow movie, one crew of total dickheads promise to bring moronic stunts, neverending idiocy and 90 year old tits back once more t

There back again with a new movie.

Oh this is going to hurt in the moarning.

This is going to be bad.

Just The Facts

  1. Johnny Knoxville almost got killed by the big red rocket it exploed a hole right beside him.
  2. They are making a Jackass 3.
  3. Jackass 2 is one of the most funnist movies of all time.

List of the Top 10 Best Jackass Number Two Skits Of All Time.

No.10 Anaconda Ball Pit- OMG Knoxville, Dunn and Wee Man are in a childrens ball pit with an anaconda and they dont know where it is until it trys to attack.

No.9 The Bull V.S. Johnny Knoxville- the funny part was when he got hit by the bull ROTFL.

No.8 Puppet show- Why would you dress your penis up to look like a mouse and put it near and snake?

No.7 Beehive Limo- In the limo is Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Wee Man, Steve-O and Risk Kosick and they dont know whats going to happen.

No.6 The terrorist- One of the guys from jackass got dressed up like a terrorist and bashed up bu the Worst part is his beard was pubic hairs and ass hairs LOL.

No.5 Party Boy drinks horse jizz- Party boy drinks horse cum its so funny and its edible.

No.4 Firehose Rodeo- Dave England is on a firehose suspened by a crane. He last a long time but he falls off LOL.

No.3 Rocket Cart- Ryan Dunn is in a shopping cart with rockets attached to the sides and gets launched into the ocean.

No.2 The Switcheroo- Late at night when April sleeping Phil Margera leaves the room and Preston Lacy comes in dressed like Phil and trys to make a move on April.

No.1 Big Red Rocket- Johnny Knoxville hangs onto a giant rocket while it shoots up a ramp into the sky. it goes about 30-35 feet before it plummits down into the ocean.