Disney World Secrets

Disney, the world power of family friendly entertainment, and their parks are the Happiest places on earth. But how do they do it?

The Magic Kingdom

No, Mickey and Minnie are not married, nor shall they ever be.

To the Mouse Cave!

Just The Facts

  1. Disney's Secret Security force of undercover operatives disguised as tourists bring a new meaning to the term "tourist trap".
  2. Hidden Mickey's are a fun way to add a little magic to your time with Disney.
  3. Disney's underground network is enough to make the CIA crap their pants.

Disney Underground

One of Disney's great is secrets lurks beneath their parks. An underground tunnel system that connects every branch of the park, large enough to Move vehicles through. Ever wonder why it is thatyou can ony find one character at a time? Because they only have one costumed character over ground at a time. After all, Mickey isn't omnipresent.

Ok, now if X marks the spot, the hidden missles should be right here.

The undergournd complex extend the entire park, and each park has there own. It can also be used by security, the fire department, medical evacuations, and police should such need arise. Every wonder why problems seem to disappear? Simple, they are just taken under the surface.

Hidden Mickey's

This secret is one of the most common one to hear, but in truth, Hidden Mickey's are real, and the cast members work hard to make sure they are quite obvious when you see them. Usually they are The three circles.This one is upside down.

Sometimes they are actually a full body mickey.

Does that shadow look familiar?

They are on every ride, and scattered throughout the park and add a little more disney magic to your experience.

Not everything is happiness and magic.

As much fun as Disneyworld is they do have problems. Their undercover security is nothing like the mounties, and they don't always get there man, on occation, they can even get the wrong individual all together.

Book'em Danno

There have been cases of people being taken into the tunnels who were suspected of theft and were prosecuted by Disney, when they had actually done nothing wrong, and Disney with a very capable legal team would easily win any impending lawsuits resulting, however no organization or business is without flaws, and as such occurences are rare, if you avoid the appearance carying a concealed weapon, or attempting theft you should't feel concerned about the security force, and rather, feel secure in knowing they are there.