Designing Women

There are only 5 types of women in the world, and yes, they all come in one of the following packages:

Case study #1: The good looking moron that became successful in spite of the lack of brain activity in her... Well, her brain.

case study #2: The ugly girl who isn't smart enough to do anything meaningful, but manages to get through the day by trying to be cheerful and positive... ALL THE LIVELONG DAY.

case study #3: the smart girl who interestingly enough can solve calculus problems in her head, but can't figure out how to mingle at a party.

Just The Facts

  1. Guys are assholes.
  2. Women are usually givers, and men are usually takers.
  3. Guys take what they need from women depending on the situation. If he needs his taxes done, he runs off to the smart and hideously unattractive accountant.
  4. Guy wants a blowjob, why the fuck should he care if she thinks the largest number is 1 million? (When we all know its actually 3 million... Duh!)
  5. And just a quick note to all you ugly/smart/fat girls who have an attractive male friend who you think has a crush on you: He doesn't! Lol. He probably just likes copying homework from you, or getting a discount at whatever store you work, or maybe he likes talking to other people before he gets to

Last 2 types of women


Case study #4: The shy girl at school who some guys think would look hot under certain dress conditions, but most dismiss them due to their appearance of intelligence. (who'd want that!)

By the way, this would fall under the correct dress conditions.

And finally...


case study #4: about three quarters of the female population

You might be thinking what model this girl is... she isn't hot or pretty, but she's also not ugly. she doesn't look smart, but she also doesn't look retarded. She is to women what the Honda civic and the Corolla are to the automobile owning population of North America; The most common thing around.

you might think that's a good thing right? All you females reading this who are simply average might think "Hey! I'm well rounded, I may not be the hottest piece of ass in town, or the smartest girl in the deli, but i'm sure to land a guy who likes me for being in the middle of all the criterium!" Well... you're wrong.

What kind of idiot would settle for a reasonably smart person to perform his kids HEART TRANSPANT? Who would hire a chef that has a good sense of humor, and also only kind of knows how to cook? Why have sex with "average" when you can have sex with "above average"? Well, you get my point.

Which brings me to my point: people who get married are idiots. Men need all of these types of women in their lives, we need the hot bartender to hit on, the ugly nerd to help us cheat and build rockets for us (what?), but what we DON'T need is for you to try and cram it into an all in one kind of deal. It simply doesn't work.