Cuba Gooding Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr- A secret term used by Hollywood producers to determine which black actors should never be cast in a movie. It can also be used as a verb (as in- boy, that dude sure Cuba Gooding Juniored-up that audition).

One of these things is not like the other... One of these things is BLACK!

Thanking God. Just a guess.

Oh how the mighty hath fallen.

Just The Facts

  1. Has a hard time getting it up
  2. Once listed as one of the most promising actors of 1991... needless to say he has exceeded the hype
  3. Played an awesome retard in Radio

The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Cuba Gooding Jr., best known for his work on "Snow Dogs," can often be seen begging people on the street corner to "show him the money." Since the success of "Snow Dogs," Gooding has gone on to such critically acclaimed projects as "Norbit" and "Daddy Day Camp." He often finds himself huddled in a fetal position alone at night, rocking back and forth with his Oscar (yeah, he actually won one of those or something).

When he's not calling up his pal, Tom Cruise to recite the "show me the money" bit to relive the glory days, he can also be found playing that black dude in Pearl Harbor and just about any other $5 Walmart DVD bin movie. In his spare time he likes to moonlight for Cialis commercials, just to give them haters out there a big, fat "Fuck you!"