What To Expect In The Next 100 Years

The future is a strange and wonderful place, I know, I've been there, and I'm writing this for you so you know what to expect when you get there!

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Just The Facts

  1. There will be a major conflict between two large nations, China and India for instance.
  2. The internet will have a major crash and cause global chaos and recession.
  3. Humans will probably live, on average for more than 100 years.
  4. Steven Spielberg will have re-edited Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and The Pacific so that everyone has walkie talkies instead of guns.


Technology is always an interesting subject to predict. According to some 60's pundits we were supposed to be living on the moon by the year 2000 and according to the head of IBM there was going to be a global market for only five computers.

Nice work.

Already we have 3D television, and are well on the way to creating hologram technology. Laser projectors that in a few years will fit into your mobile phone, circuit boards that can be tattoo'd into your skin, an HUD that can be fitted into your eye, we're doing one hell of a lot technologically speaking, but where will this take us in the next 100 years?

Probably not here.


This is the holy grail of energy, screw Tony Stark and his arc reactor, Nuclear fusion should be clean, safe and powerful, so powerful in fact that if France had a fusion power station they could power the whole of Europe from it. Once created, fusion is an exothermic reaction that can sustain itself completely. It would be like building a little miniature sun and having it power your playstation 3.

Except you probably wouldn't have it in the middle of New York

Research into nuclear fusion has been going on since the manhattan project. You might remember that's the name of the project that created about half of the superheroes in the world, and destroyed half of Japan. they first managed it in 1952 but it hasn't yet been possible to turn it to civilian use, or even make it economically viable, but they don't think they're far off.

Computing and Communication

This is always a tough one to call, some people say development of computing will slow down because we won't be able to go any smaller/faster. Some say it will evolve into biology and some say we'll create computers that can think and will eventually destroy us (see above).

In the past 100 years we've gone from creating basic computing machines that take up whole buildings to beastly little devices that sit in the palm of your hand and can tell you how you're sleeping, how your diet is, where to eat, what to listen to and probably in a few years who to date. Oh wait, they already tell you who to date.

Clearly it's evil.

My personal opinion (the only opinion worth listening to) is that devices won't get any smaller, we'll simply combine them into machines that will control everything you do. Your iPhone will eventually control everything you own. It will pay for things when you go shopping, it will start your car, switch on your house alarm. It already turns your lights on/off, controls your CD player and beats your wife. Everything you don't have time to get up to do anymore.

Your computer won't be yours to own anymore, you'll pay Google to rent hard drive space, your unit at home will be the bare bones, a screen and enough to connect. The plus side is you won't be able to download viruses, but your programs will run from the ether, you won't buy them outright, you'll rent them by the hour/day/month and they'll be updated as soon as a new version comes out. File sharing will be a thing of the past, unless you're a badass who still owns one of those 'PC'
things, that can connect to the 'internet'.

This guy.


Much in the same way your computer is paid for by the month, your connection to online gaming will require the same. What? They're doing that already? HOW MUCH?! Anyway, you won't be able to buy games on disc, because that's, like, bad for the environment, man.

Also it costs a LOT. Instead they'll move completely to download. You're saying to yourself "That's already happening, what kind of a prophet are you?". My answer is I'm not, so get the hell off my back. Your handheld console gaming will likely have moved to your uber-phone that i mentioned earlier, you'll download games straight to that. Your console or PC gaming could go literally ANYWHERE.

Maybe here!

To be honest, I'm not even going to insult your intelligence by trying to forecast where gaming will go, consoles could die out, PC games could die out, Screens could be eradicated and 3D visors could become the vogue. It all depends on fashion, at the moment the fashion is for mind games, not the type your girlfriend plays, the ones your parents play because the advert tells them it'll make them smarter (it won't, it's just a game). The fact is if you're reading this you're on Cracked.com, and we all know you're a secret geek. or a public geek. What I'm trying to say is that you probably spend as much time reading about computer games as Nick Clegg spends selling out his voters (oooooooh!).

Oh, you!

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