Slang words are words for stupid people.

Typical slang user.

Just The Facts

  1. Slang is an improper use of the english language.
  2. It is often used by the less eloquent parts of society.
  3. The less eloquent parts of society don't understand the phrase "the less eloquent parts of society"

Generalised Slang

In general, slang is used by people without the ability to use real words. People like Chavs, Surfers, internet comment writers and the average CNN news pundit.

It has also been put to use exstensively to come up with euphimistic names for genitalia.


One such euphimistic name for genitalia.

It can also be found in several sub-sections.

Chav Slang

A Chav is a fairly common creature found in britain, particularily in Sunderland orsome other shithole.

Chavs. Run.

Seen here in their natural habitat.

The Chav brand of slang consists of gutteral groaning interspersed with random swearwords, and suffixed with the word 'Innit'

For example, whilst a normal persons conversation would go something like this:

Person A: Hello, How are you?

Person B: Things haven't been great lately.

A chav's would go something like:

Chav 1: Aye man, what the fuck is up with yew?

Chav 2: This bollocks is fucked around the shit, innit.

1337 $P33K

Leet Speak is a form of slang commonly employed on the internet, to be used by gamer nerds too sad to even live in their parents basements.

Oh god...

They live in sub-sub-sub basements...

Leet Speak has the capability to make anything soul-destroying and pathetic. For instance, the first stanza of the poem 'A Child's Christmas In Wales' (by Dylan Thomas) when converted to 1337 $P33K reads as follows:

0N3 <2!57MAS WAS 50 MUC# 1IKE AN07#2, !N 7#053 Y3A25 A20UND 7#3 53A-70WN <02N32 N0W AND 0U7 0F A11 50UND 3x<3P7 7#3 D!57AN7 5P3AK1NG 0F 7#3 V0!C35 ! 50M37!M35 #3A2 A M0M3N7 B3F023 5l33P, 7#A7 ! <AN N3V32 23M3MB3R W#37H32 !7 5N0W3D F02 5!x DAY5 AND 5!x N!G#75 W#3N ! WA5 7W3lV3 02 W#37#32 !7 5N0W3D F02 7W31V3 DAY5 AND 7W31V3 N!G#75 W#3N ! WAS 5!X.

I have just died a little inside.