Raccoon City Stories

A hilarious parody of Resident Evil 2 made by Barley Productions

Welcome to Raccoon City!!

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Just The Facts

  1. Parody of Resident Evil 2
  2. Created by Barley Productions and The Ward
  3. It stars Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield
  4. The zombies are mentally ill

The Episodes

So far there are three episodes of Raccoon City Stories. The fourth episode is currently in production.

Episode 1: Unknown Motives

Leon Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City to find it's been overrun with zombies. Soon after he runs into Claire Redfield and together they try to escape the zombified city. But soon Claire finds there's more that meets the eye with her newly acquainted friend and it turns into a game of cat and mouse.

Original Release Date: July 28, 2008
Runtime: 8:39

Episode 2: Close Calls

With Leon hot on her trail, Claire flees into the police station to find refuge from her less then sane partner. She ends up meeting two officers, Jeffrey and Marvin, who offer less than no help to Claire. With Leon always just a step behind her, how will Claire escape her nightmare alive?

Original Release Date: November 3, 2008
Runtime: 9:23

Episode 3: A Change of Heart?

Battered and beaten, Leon retreats to the one person who can help him in his time of need. Rejuvenated and ready, Leon continues on his mission for awesome and good. Though not all is awesome and good when a new antagonist rears his ugly face and tries to stop Leon with . . . hugs?

Original Release Date: January 4, 2010
Runtime: 10:36

Special Episode 1

A special episode was made for the people who wanted to know more about the series. It includes commentary and questions that were asked about the series.

Original Release Date:
Runtime: 10:00

The Characters

The episode's characters are what make the Raccoon City Stories the best Resident Evil 2 parody. These are the survivors and a description.

NOTE: Character descriptions are from the videos not the Resident Evil Series.

Leon S. Kennedy

"Shhhh, sleep minority"

Leon is a new recruit to the RPD. It's his first day and a zombie apocalypse just happens to break out. He has a strong allegience to Jesus. He even trusts Leon enough to give him his only "Jesus Key", which Claire breaks. Leon also has holy powers and can entrap souls. Leon also has the power to summon lightning. He has fallen in love with Claire the same day they met and he has chased her more than once. He even wrote her name on his bullets because he loves her. Leon's enemies are the crows who make fun of his hair. He is known to break out in random chants of "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!".

Leon, holy warrior

Claire Redfield

"Why is everyone trying to touch me!!"

It is not clear why she is in Raccoon, but she's there. She is saved by Leon but soon finds that he wants to kill her and she runs from him. She rejects Leon's love and doesn't want any part of him. She is fed up by the zombies and are annoyed by them. She doesn't fully understand Leon and she is just trying to get out alive. But it is easier said than done. Somehow she broke Leon's Jesus Key without ever being near it.

Claire, reluctive lover

Albert Wesker

"I hate you mother!!"

The evil genuis who narrates the episodes. He is the one telling the story of Leon and Claire through his transmissions. He lives with his mother and is always annoyed by her in the middle of his transmissions. He is angry at her for the interruptions that she causes. Enjoys Hungry Man dinners.

Wesker, narrator

Alberta Wesker

"I made you a Hungry Man dinner!"

Albert's mother. She lives with her son and takes care of him. She frequently interrupts his transmissions and yells at him. She has gotten sick of Albert not having a job or cleaning his room. This has led to her grounding him. She is never seen, so there is no clear indication of what she looks like.


The zombies wander around and act stupid. They love to get hugs and some are lonley. They have weird speech impediments and act like maniacs. There are some notable zombies that have names but most just don't bother with it.



"Shit, lady"

He is a zombie who guarded the front of the Kendo Gun Shop. He also travels and sings off time. He was shot, by Leon, at the beginning of Episode 2 and it is unclear if he will return to the series.

Fire Buddies

"Hey, I'm on fire"

These guys are both on fire and are buddies because of it.


"Hey there fella, hows about a hug?"

Falls from the sky and tries to stop Leon with a hug. He has a very deep voice and subtitles are provided so that you can understand him. The song "Superfreak" is playing while he is in the area, possibly his theme song.


Password Zombies

"What's the password?"

These zombies stand around and ask one question of you. No one knows what the password they ask for is, but it is most likely something stupid. They don't like lightning.


"Who are ya' and what are you doing in my store. . ."

He owns the Kendo Gun Shop and keeps his door locked at all times, Leon somehow got in. He loves to listen to Funkytown and also loves Claire. Was attacked by zombies and eaten.

Robert, Kendo shop owner


"The only way we escapin' is drunk"

Marvin is a police officer who works at the RPD. He enjoys drinks and listening to Jurassic 5. He sometimes does this until 4 a.m. His police cruiser was stolen and he got attacked by zombies.



"I'm trying to watch Mattlock!!"

Jeffery works at the RPD. He is not a police officer so it is unclear what he is doing there and what he actually does. He just wants to finish watching Mattlock. The only time he can watch tv is when Marvin is gone because of his late night binges with liquor and Jurassic 5. He is never seen because he hides in room and yells at everybody.


"My Jesus Key!?! I made one!!!"

J-Man or Jesus, as Leon calls him. He is hungover when Leon finds him. He has powers and can heal Leon and give him weapons. He is annoyed by Leon's chants and gives him what he wants. He only made one Jesus Key and is enraged when he learned that Claire broke it. It is not clear how he is in the RPD.


"CAW! Who cuts your hair Leon?"

They are crows and they make fun of Leon. They never attack, they only bully. The crows think Leon's hair sucks.

Stupid Birds