Pedicures, or 'Pedis', are usually done at a nail salon. This is a place for women to gossip, feel pampered, and express themselves on the tiniest areas of their bodies possible. It's a lot like Tamagotchi: cute, but completely useless.


Just The Facts

  1. Pedis are a necessary hygienic measure for women.
  2. Pedis should only be performed by a licensed manicurist.
  3. If not performed by a licensed manicurist, you might need your foot amputated.
  4. Just kidding.

I'm a guy. Why should I get a pedicure?

Look down at your toenails.

Are they growing past the tip of your toe? Are they yellowing, chipping, or mishapen? Is the skin around your toenail hard and sandpaper-y?

Do they look like this?

If so, then go get a pedicure. If there is one thing the opposite (or same) sex hates most, it is a lack of good hygiene. Doing this will show others that you take pride in yourself and that you're willing to work to impress them. Potential dates like that.

You may be saying to yourself, "Getting a pedicure breaks the Man Code!" This statement is clearly False. Getting a pedicure only breaks the man code of you get your toes painted as well as cleaned. Having your nails cleaned and trimmed for you does not make you any less of a man.

Then again...