50 Cent

50 cent is a type of coin.

Look at that design!

Just The Facts

  1. Minted in 1794
  2. Silver colour.
  3. 11.340g in weight
  4. A whopping 150 reeds!

The 50 Cent.

On the obsverse side the design is of J.F.K. and it was designed in 1964 by Gilroy Roberts while on the reverse side is a.....wait what??... What do you mean this is meant to be about a rapper?... What are you on about?... It clearly says 50 Cent on the top of the article.... What? That's his name?!... What kind of a fucking name is that?!


Ok.. guess I have to start again.... 50 Cent is a famous rap artist of the 21st century. He's recorded such fine tunes as Candy Shop, In Da Club, Ayo Technology, the list of timeless classics goes on and by timeless I mean you've already forgotten the first one I mentioned. Some people see 50 Cent as an inspiration, a lot of people feel they can relate to him, 95% of those people are white suburban males

Niggas screw they face up at me. (Source: In My Hood - 50 Cent)

I been shot 9 times!

50 cent's real name is Curtis James Jackson III he adopted his stage name as a metaphor for change (See Wikipedia). His mother died when he was 8. 50 cent started boxing at the age of 11. 1 year later he began drug dealing. He took guns and drug money into school and when he was caught in tenth grade he became completely open to his grandmother about his favourite past-time

At the age of 24, 50 Cent was shot down in a rare act of rap-gang violence (haha rare. Who am I kidding?) He got shot 9 times from close range; he lost a wisdom tooth and got a swollen tongue and the shooting also gave him his infamous slur, which frankly without it would have made In Da Club an average song.

It is your birthday, We are going to party like it is your birthday. (Just not the same is it?)

50 Cent was discovered by Eminem when he listened to 50 Cent's Guess who's back? CD. No doubt he was impressed by 50 Cent and flew him to L.A where he introduced him to Dr. Dre, I guess they thought they could turn this fifty into a dollar! Hahaha! Haha! Ha.....

I'm sorry.

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