Google Buzz

Google Buzz! The latest entry by the Google Gods to show us that they still own the Internet (we're not counting google video & wave here ofcourse). So Buzz is another ridiculous portal that has tried to blend Gmail, twitter, facebook & your laundry.

not that buzz

Not that Buzz either

Yea, thats gotta be it!

Just The Facts

  1. The day Google buzz was launched, overall productivity in the software industry dropped 30% as people wanted to buzz to be cool, and had no idea how to do it
  2. Most of the news media kept talking about google buzz privacy issues without having a clue as to what they were talking about
  3. Since the launch of Google buzz, people have started taking renewed interest in the lesser pleasures of life like Twitter and Facebook

So what's the Buzz all about?

Just when we thought Google was gonna get Buzz-ted by Google-wave, they managed to up themselves by giving us another a-buzz-ymal attempt at social networking that is Google Buzz. The home page says you can share updates, videos, photos and more! Seriously! Facebook's been doing that for 4 years now! And Facebook has games (well, so does Buzz if you want to locate and set your privacy settings, but facebook's game is better there off too)

So Google jumped on the whole social networking bandwagon a little late, so you have to give them credit for Buzz. Sure, it doesn't seem like a complete rip off from some other product that lets you follow, unfollow and set status updates. Not at all! You can even follow sites (or have sites follow you, whichever one makes sense)