Facial Hair

There have been great men who have shaped the course of human history. More often than not, these legends long past sported bitchin' facial hair.

Ho-lee shit

Just The Facts

  1. Facial hair is either loved or hated, depending really on if you have a Y chromesome.
  2. A lot of us think we can pull off facial hair with a wide degree of success. A lot of us are very, very wrong.
  3. Far be it from us to be sexist, but female facial hair is something that needs to be slain. Like a dragon. Or Jon and Kate Gosslin.

The Great Lords of Facial Hair

Sure, lots of famous folks are known for their famous (or infamous) acheivements, but really, all you need to use to ID them is the collections of dead skin cells protruding from their faces. These great, legendary masters of the stubble include: