Emo Haircuts

Emo haircuts are an aesthetic expression of individuality for those who are young, sad, listen to My Chemical Romance, and don't foresee a need for a job in their future.

Who ever heard of a ... sad clown?

White is the new black. And red is the new white. And myspace pictures are still cropped to omit arm-fat.

Just The Facts

  1. Emo is largely believed to come from the Punk movement by taking out everything fun, badass, and socially conscious out of Punk.
  2. Emo haircuts are a beacon of light shining the truth that he or she left, they suck, and life will boil down to being sad at concert and smoking incense-smelling cigarettes.
  3. Emo haircuts generally preclude one from having jobs, unless the job is in a Starbuck's, Hot Topic, or a Piercing and Tattoo parlor, where this hair style is part of the required uniform.

pink and yellow sheep abound

personally, i dont get the whole emo/scene thing, or what is so great about it.. they say its about being "different" and "standing out", and apparently you achieve this by dressing up like a rainbow-clad dog fucker, walking around the mall with a "my life is the only one that sucks" attitude, and the un-pierced half of your face cloaked in hair.. then going home and cutting yourself and crying in the dark bedroom in your parents house.. just like everyone else in your little group of friends. nothing about it is appealing. the music for this clique is atrocious.. nothing more than a bunch of pretty boys in eyeliner who can play a couple simple chords on guitar and scream in lue of singing. they are allegedly from the punk movement, and thats just not true at all.. i grew up in the days of true punk, and if they saw what became of their genre im sure there would be a bunch of bloody, bruised, 16 year olds with something legitamate to cry about. and whats with bisexuality thing.. seriously. every scene/emo kid, boy or girl, calls themself bi-sexual. most of them arent even old enough to really get what that means to begin with. these kids nowadays arent even what i know to be "emo". i used to hang out with a bunch of emo's and goth's back in the day, and they werent anything like this. it wasnt exactly my cup of tea back then either, but i could at least put up with them for the most part. at least they had a little bit of a personality.. now if you talk to one youve talked to them all. i, for one, hope this fad goes away as quickly and suddenly as it began. when im old, i dont want a bunch of whiny, bisexual, punk ass, scarred up, slightly homo-erotic kids with stupid hair cuts running shit.