Ecstasy Pills

Ecstasy pills are a popular form of MDMA, which can be both swallowed, or crushed up and snorted. They almost resemble rabbit poo, if rabbit poo was multi-colored and could make you feel like the air was tickling your junk.

Poop! Poop now Mr. Floppy!

Just The Facts

  1. Ecstacy pills are a popular drug containing MDMA.
  2. Manufacturers often mark their pills with symbols, animals and brands.
  3. Ecstasy pills are more times than not the combination of MDMA and other substances used to cut the drug, such as caffeine

Hello, my name is Ecstasy

Ecstasy is most commonly referred to on the street as E or X, because lets face it, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is like 28 letters too long for today`s attention spans. In the family of drugs, where marijuana is the old hippie aunt flipping tarot cards and smoking natives, cocaine is the fast-talking business man/musician/lawyer cousin who tries to tell every detail of their lives and their plans without taking a breath, heroin is the unshaven, unkempt older brother who sits/lays on various couches, mumbling under his breath and nodding in and out of consciousness, and prescription drugs are the completely oblivious grandparent who aimlessly mills about the house speaking what seems to be R'lyehian, ecstasy is like that aggravatingly over-happy relative that pollutes every family event with their never ending optimism and generally positive outlook on life at a time when most people are most concerned with identifying some excuse to get the hell outta dodge. You know the relative, that one who can't stop telling you how beautiful your house is, how good the soap in the bathroom smells, or how fantastic your shoulder tastes. That insufferable individual is the human embodiment of ecstasy. The drug most likely to make you believe your best friends with total douche bags for no reason other than that their shirt has a pleasing pattern, tell girls you've known your whole life that you've wanted to see their boobs since they first got them in grade 7, and rarely, very rarely in fact, figure out what the fuck Busey is smiling about.

Note the firemen in the background rushing to undo whatever astoundingly insane thing Gary thought was a good idea 5 minutes ago

Be aware...

In the end, the choice is ultimately yours. All that can be said is that buying ecstasy is kind of like buying clothes from Chinatown, you don`t know who made them, where they made them or how long their gunna last. It does warrant reporting that although for the most part only harmless substitutes have been found in pills of ecstasy, it has been rumoured that some pills studied have contained more dangerous ingrediants, all the way up to and including battery acid.

5 bucks a hit!

It can be very worthwhile to indulge oneself in 5 or 6 hours of euphoric and often memorable (for better or for worse) adventure, and if used in the right setting, with the right people, the right music, and the right brand of glowstick, ecstasy can be fantastic. However, if used under the wrong conditions, it can lead to questionable decisions, unexplicable public nudity or weeping, arrest, or most heinously, shrivel-dick and dumpy butt. With that, I leave it to you,now...go forth, and make the next episode of cops worth watching.