Cloverfield was a (horror?) film released in 2008, it was directed by Matt Reaves. It apparently shows what would evolve should an alien inflict its rage upon new york city. Sounds familiar? Stick around, things have to get better...........

Film making genius


Just The Facts

  1. Cloverfield was filmed from the point of view of a handycam to give a realistic effect from the viewpoint of the victims.
  2. The alien appears to be really really pissed off. No explanation needed.
  3. This movie is not scary, despite what the trailers may suggest
  4. If you just watched the trailor and think it looks scary......refer to fact 4

The Making

Dispite the fact that the makers would love you to think that this film was actually made on a handycam ( for the authentic Blair Witch experience ), it was actually filmed on a CineAlta HD top of the line camera.


This film has once again fallen into the popular misconception that entertainemnt is proportional to amount of money spent.

The misconcpetion

The truth of the matter is that a film can be great even with an extremely low budget

This chart shows the reality of this issue.

Films like "the blair witch project" laugh at films like Cloverfield, they made a quality film with 3 actors and a handycam whereas Cloverfield spent million on theirs. Its time more films follow the idea of a better story versus impressive CGI