Monty Pythons Flying Circus

Monty Python's Flying Circus, the greatest comedy show to come out of England. Fuck it, the greatest comedy show in the world.

Just The Facts

  1. Monty Python is made of five people: John Cleese, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Michael Palin
  2. Their show, Monty Python's Flying Circus consists of sketches, songs, animations and men dressed as women
  3. There isn't really a circus that flies during the show, but the title they went with is better than "The Toad Elevating Moment"
  4. Actually, we'd pay to watch a show about elevating toads. It sounds zany.
  5. No, seriously, we would

The Flying Circus prepares for departure

It all started in 1969. The group had worked together before, in a manner of speaking, either at university, on their own shows or as sketch writers for The Frost Report. The group decided to do a sketch show together, since they recognised eachothers talent and love of retarded randomocity (is that a word? Who gives a fuck?). It all started after a sketch show called Do Not Adjust Your Set, which Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam were involved in, became extremely popular. The four were offered their own show by the broadcasting company ITV. At the same time, John Cleese and Graham Chapman, following the success of The Frost Report, were offered a show of THEIR own by the BBC. Cleese felt unsure of working on a two man show, and remembered how much fun it was working with Palin. Palin ageed to join in, but only if he could bring Jones, Idle and Gilliam. Sort of like when someone brings their friends to your house for beer. Only there was a job at stake.

Luckily, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle were fucking funny!

After a meeting with the BBC, during which the team had no premise, concept or idea, they were given a series (that's british broadcasting control for you!). From then on, comedy would never be the same again, since beforehand, it was a rather dull world, with very few breast jokes and absolutely no lumberjack songs.

Take-off and in-flight entertainment

The show consisted of 45 episodes, and lasted for three and a half seasons (we'll explain later). Initially slow to start, the show gained more and more viewers, eventually becoming extremely popular. We at feel it's about time we had some good old fashioned video, so we'll be listing the most popular sketches or rather the funniest sketches from each series, starting, of course, with series one.

Series One

The Funniest Joke In The World

Ah yes, the joke sketch. This one is from the first episode, Whither Canada?, and involves graphic scenes of death, violence and joke warfare.

Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit

Many times we've asked ourselves "What happens if someone tries to attack us with a mango?". Well, Monty Python got there first!

The Dead Parrot Sketch

If you've never heard of the dead parrot sketch, why are you looking at a topic about Monty Python? You have clearly been sleeping under a rock.

Series Two

The Ministry Of Silly Walks

Our English department (read: Members) informs us that The Ministry Of Silly Walks has become more successful due to this short sketch/advertisement.

Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook

"Do you WANT to come back to my place, bouncy bouncy?"

Series Three

Cheese Shop

Pretty much all the cheese shops in the West Midlands

Gumby Brain Specialist

This was before mentally deranged people started writing blogs

Series Four

Woody or Tinny Words (or The Only Funny Sketch In Series Four)



At the end of Series Two, John Cleese had considered leaving the series. At the end of Series Three, he'd made a definate decision. This was a shame, since once he left, it didn't feel the same at all, even with the remaining members still paticipating. Of course, the feature films also needed to be contributed to, since pre-production of The Holy Grail took place betweens Series Three and Four. Still, it was a bally good flight while it lasted, what?

Plus, the drugs were getting to them at that point