View Askew

View Askew is actually a production company founded by Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith that brings family entertainment to all the good boys and girls of the world.

Just The Facts

  1. Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith created View Askew for the production of the 1994 movie, Clerks.
  2. Scott and Kevin met at a film school in Vancouver, Canada.
  3. Film schools in Vancouver do not understand the concept of coverage.

In the beginning, there was New Jersey

And all good things sprang forth. Like Princeton, Bruce Springsteen, Jersey girls, Kevin Smith, and of course View Askew. The production company wasn't necessarily created there, insomuch as it was spawned.

Young Kevin Smith decided to go where all brilliant young artists go ... Canada. It was while he was looking for buds at the Vancouver Film School, that he found a particularly clever bud named Scott Mosier. Mosier and Smith were working on their own movie scripts and ended up in the same documentary class together. The two eventually became friends and agreed to help each other with whoever's movie got written first. Kevin Smith dropped-out and wrote, while Scott Mosier hung in and graduated film school. After the script for Clerks was finished, Scott Mosier headed to New Jersey, and the two created the production company VIEW ASKEW for their first film, Clerks.

Below is an interview with director Orson Welles that might just as well be an interview with director Kevin Smith. The brash attitude and creative certainty are the trademarks of both those men. Could it be that Orson Welles fathered a love-child in New Jersey, or is it simply a matter of creative genius being at odds with tradition in any era of cinematic history. Orson might just as well be smoking a blunt!

Wasn't that spooky? If there were a few F-Bombs thrown into Orson's dialog, you would think that you were listening to Kevin Smith.